📺Watch-Along📺 Doom Patrol S1 E01! Friday, February 15th @6pm PST/9pm EST

It wasn’t exactly “go negative man go”, like some Genie in a Bottle that Larry could control was it?

Negative man’s energy inhabitant appears to be some imp with its own crazy desires and whims.

Rocked it right out of the park!

I can’t wait to see more of Negative Man, gotta good feeling that he’s going to say and do a lot of funny stuff.

Let me get the complaints out of the way first. Kind of over use of the F WORD don’t remember reading that in the comic. There that is my ONLY FUCKING COMPLAINT hahaha GREAT SHOW CANT WAIT TO SEE MORE the FX WORK is AMAZING IM SOLD WILL BE WATCHING. Great choices on these actor’s and can’t wait to see the addition of cyborg and how he fits into this new take on a one of my favorite comic books THANK YOU DC UNIVERSE FOR BRINGING MY CHILDHOOD LIFE :heart::heart: :heart:

I was never a fan of the comic but I throughly enjoyed the first episode.

I loved the pilot keep up the good work

Missed the first watch along but agree with everyone that this pilot nailed it. Best DC Universe streaming new show so far!


dcu.forever #notethepunctuation