Watch along batman mask of the phantasm at 8:00 March 31


I will be doing this watch along because it’s getting removed from dc and it was the best so we honor our fallen people and we watch just like Bruce did with his parents and at the end let me know from the new movies there adding what you want to see whoever types the same movie the most will be seen thank you so much for the people who watch

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Are we starting now?


Hold up

Alright 3,2,1 let’s jam

I’m just about done with the opening credits on my end.

Same person as terrybestbat

Me too

This movie has aged very well

The table scene reminds me of die hard

Fun fact about the opening credits: the chanting is actually the names of some of animators of the movie said backwards.

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Really? Did not know

As everyone seen this movie?


I haven’t seen this movie in ten years or so but remember thinking it was up there with Dark Knight and Batman Returns, might not be commenting as much but will check in every once in a while

Yep, I grew up with this one.

Taylor thank you for joining

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I don’t want to spoil it because of who the man is

Where’s the bloody hell alfred

Arthur Reeves is a character that was in the comics, introduced in Denny O’Neil’s run of Batman. He was way different in the comics, though, far more a fraidy cat.