Wasn't Titans Season 1 Supposed to be 13 Episodes

So, I am excited for tomorrow’s Season 1 finale of Titans but saw that its Episode 11, assuming the finale is 2 hours long that makes the first season only 12 episodes long. Deadline reported awhile back that the first season would be 13 episodes long. So what is the deal? Was there a change or was Deadline just wrong in the report?

I believe it was reported incorrectly or prematurely; The slate has been 11 episodes since Titans first began airing.


Today’s expose Titans the lost two episodes story at 11

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Applejack - IMDB says (or said, I haven’t checked it for a couple days) 12, with an ep to air 12/28, which we know is incorrect.

I’m guessing the difference in titles from what was reported early on are working titles v. final titles as well. Some of those graphics with lists of titles came out before ep 1 even aired, and before season 2 was confirmed. The eps all flow smoothly from one to the next, so I really don’t think any have been cut as some people have suggested.

I’m hardly surprised that there are inaccuracies in early reports. I don’t recall having seen any of this stuff in an official announcement.