Was Nightwing really shot in Batman #55?

I don’t know if anyone realized this, but the Nightwing that was shot in the head in Batman #55 was not Dick Grayson, but Tommy Elliot instead. If you don’t believe it, read Nightwing vs Hush in Batman “Prelude to the Wedding”. They try to throw us off guard in Nightwing #50 presenting memories of old times of Batman & Robin, but look closer, in all those, Scarecrow is present, and they show him as being afraid of the boy that fears nothing. So the night terrors, as the story is called, are actually Scare rows’ nightmares , not Dick.

It’s really Dick. He got shot in the head but survives but his personality changes and loses his memories. Also he’s going by Rick.

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No, is not. Wait and see. You will see his fighting style changing to more rough. In Nightwing vs Hush, Tommy altered his face to look like Grayson. At the end of the issue, seemingly only Dick emerged from the pocket dimension they were in. But I believed Dick saved Tommy, and Tommy was the one that came out. Dick Grayson is still trapped in that dimension.

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He did get shot and idk about all you guys but I’m getting sick of this. Its getting to the point where I dont want to even read comics anymore because of all the stuff they are doing to my favorite character. They just cant seem to leave him alone. First we had Nightwing have to take Batmans place since Bruce was supposedly dead from back before which wasn’t too bad but then when they brought Nightwing back we had to deal with losing him again because they had to fake his death and make him into a spy and now when we finally get him back now again he gets shot and isn’t dead but cant remember who he is and is a totally different person… uugghh :sweat:

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I didnt read the nightwing hush wedding issue.

Tom King knocked Dick Graysons personality out of the park tho. Loved it.

But what the hecks going to happen in Nightwings book? He wqs sorta in the middle of something.


Considering all the regular titles went on while Dark Nights: Metal was still happening, it might not even affect Nightwing comics for a while, potentially.

Considering issue 54 mentioned he was going to be in batman 55 at the end, it would be surprising if the story didnt carry on in Nightwing.

Yeah no, he was shot in the head. It’s already been picked up in the Nightwing book and the Titans book.

I like giving writers the benefit of the doubt but this is a super 90’s, super crappy concept to a book that was on a good path and a character that was handled very well in recent Batman issues

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We all know that DC just needed an excuse to change Nightwing’s name. Now they went from Dick to Rick…but we’re all going to call him Dick anyway. :joy:

@Batman1939 I totally agree. This is just Dan Didio running his anti-Titans agenda alll over the place. he had Dick shot and fundamentally altered while he threw Wally and roy into a Kill-box called Sanctuary. Why? Because they grew up and out of their roles as Kid sidekicks. (Which is ridiculous since most of that happened a good fifteen to twenty years before Didio(t) ever joined the company!)

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I’ve seen a few people suggest the theory Dan Didio has it out for Dick Grayson and the other Titans. Where is the history of this? Old interviews? Anyone have a link?

Also, I thought Rebirth was successful? Why after working so hard to bring back characters and re-establish former team/character roles for many teams/characters are they know seemingly tossing it aside?
Justice league is the only property that is/has moved toward a classic look and feel.
Titans, Teen Titans, Nightwing, and Redhood have undergone redesigns more drastic than new52.

Didio(t) pretty much flat out admitted it at the DC Nation Panel at this year’s NYCC

While I do think Hush will come back at some point with Dick’s face and shenanigans galore, I think the real Dick Grayson was shot in Batman 55. The character interactions leading up to the event were too specifically ‘Dick’ with people who know him very well. Unless Hush somehow intercepted Dick-as-Nightwing right before he landed on the GCPD roof, I don’t see the switch being viable. Also, there are other ways for Dick to get his memories back, such as using the phantasm tech bug that had downloaded all his memories in Percy’s run. Batgirl pulled it out of him and kept it.