Was anyone else upset with Hush’s identity in the new movie?

I’m just upset they didn’t make Thomas Elliot Hush or even bring up Jason Todd. It was so close to comic besides for the ending and the switch from Killer croc in the beginning to Bane. But they used Killer Croc needing chemicals in Son of Batman so using Bane didn’t bother me. In the comic The Riddler does go in the Lazarus Pit and answers the Riddle he could never answer Who is the Batman. Knowing it’s Bruce and wanting to make money he tries to sell the cure to cancer ‘Lazarus’ water but Elliot wanted Revenge on Wayne for promising him that his parents would live when Thomas Wayne was operating on them but he always wanted them dead and was jealous Bruce became a billionaire at 8. It’s a deep story but all Riddler did was tell Elliot that Bruce was batman and how to defeat him he wasn’t HUSH.


I gotta say, I kinda liked that they changed it up. I remember when the story was running through Batman and every issue I kept thinking “They’re not gonna go the obvious route and make it Tommy Elliot, are they?” When it happened, I was let down. I also never bought the Riddler denouement, either. I wasn’t reading Batman before then so I’m not sure if him having cancer was something they established before or something that was given just for that story, but then we hear he used the Lazarus pit, then he tells Tommy who Batman really is…it was a lot to come at the very end of the story.

I feel like this simplifies things. Also, these movies are their own continuity. Much like any adaptation, they take from their source material, but they’re free to go their own road, too.We’ve seen this with Batman vs Robin, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Titans: Judas Contract and so on, so it’s nothing new.


I don’t think the movie built Thomas Elliot up enough for him to make sense as Hush, so I was fine with the focus staying on Riddler. Although, I didn’t particularly like how that fight ended, and I think they sidelined Nightwing too easily.I’m not sure if Jason is supposed to already be back in this universe, but his appearance in the comics was awesome and missed. One aspect I loved in the comics was Batman’s reflections on the characters around him. This isn’t really present in the movie, but I did enjoy the character beats we did get.


You both had great statements I like the changes and making it a new movie. But there’s some things I questioned I also didn’t like how easily nightwing gets beaten in almost every one of these batman films. In the latest Nightwing comic Scarecrow comes to Blühaven to call out Nightwing for when he was robin being the Kid without fear. In hush one huff of scarecrows gas and he’s having Alfred drive the bat mobile to the cave lol


I didn’t mind it too much. Adding Batgirl instead of the Huntress made sense because I don’t believe she has appeared on a recent WB Animation movie. Jim Lee seemed to like it; the original is his legacy after all.

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I liked the little change . It’s good to have an interesting spin on things . Still a good film

I agree, HUSH has always been my fav Batman comic. I don’t know why they felt the need to screw around with the story.

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I would have rather them set up Tommy and stuck to the source material. Not everything needs a new spin on it. One of the most powerful things about Hush was that it was the knife in the back of Bruce because here was a friend he had known forever, hating him for everything he was and he became. I thought the Riddler twist was absolutely uninspired, they did nothing to set it up, and basically turned the whole twist scene into the interrogation room scene from The Dark Knight. Jim Lee likes it because he has to tow company line, he can’t come out and say they destroyed his work. The dialogue and the animation were subpar as well, it really did nothing for the story. Reducing Tommy to nothing more than a background character and making the villain just another one of Batman’s rogues is just terrible altogether and frankly something we have seen many times before.


This thing sucked. And the Dc animation dept. Us starting to no care about the material. When they first started doing these cartoons they look at the material they read it, and if they’re very best to stay true and accurate to the material. Like Batman The Dark Knight Returns, Batman year One, New Frontier. But now they don’t really seem to do that anymore they just want to go by what they think is right and make this crap that they’re doing now.

Batman hush was a phenomenal storyline that Jeff Loeb and Jim Lee did and to have it come out this way butchered and chopped up the way it was is literally a slap in the face to all the hard work they did when that story was published

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Great movie! For the first time ever I have to agree with Selina about Batman’s code. 99 percent of the time I agree with him.

The difference between this and something like Dark Knight Returns, Batman: Year One and Justice League: The New Frontier is that those were stand alone movies. Hush was not adapted as a stand alone movie. Much like The Death of Superman, the first arc of Justice League in the New 52, Throne of Atlantis, the Judas Contract, they’re taking these famous stories and adapting them into their current animated movie continuity. So this is not something new. It makes these posts of people’s “outrage” hard to take seriously as we’ve done this dance before so many times.

And to those who think this is an affront to Jeph Loeb and Jim Lee…they’re more than likely getting royalties for this. I’m willing to bet Lee knew about the changes before the movie was released, as well.

If you don’t enjoy the movie, that’s okay. You still have the comic and nothing can take that away from you. If you like it, that’s okay, too.

Well, the fact that they adapted them into that lame continuity is outrage enough in my opinion. I would much rather have standalone comic accurate movies.

There’s nothing “standalone” about Hush in the first place. It’s an extremely continuity-heavy story despite introducing a new villain (and childhood friend of the protagonist) out of nowhere. Year One, Dark Knight Returns, and New Frontier are entirely self-contained stories with no real continuity ties to anything that came before them. The Killing Joke needed little more than a helpful reminder of who Barbara Gordon was in order to stand by itself (but the less said about how they provided that reminder, the better). Even Under the Red Hood only really required knowledge of Jason Todd’s ill-fated tenure as Robin, which the film easily incorporated via flashbacks. The continuity-heavy stuff that was in that story proved easy to excise with no significant consequences.

Hush is all about hitting the audience with moments that ask, “Hey, remember that one story you like? Here it is again, now drawn by Jim Lee!” Batman chokes the Joker because of things he did in various stories from the 80s and 90s, none of which are really relevant to the present incident. They’d all have to be set up by the film before Batman finds the Joker standing over Elliot’s body…even though the Joker is a minor character in this story and thus wouldn’t warrant the screen time needed to make the scene have any emotional weight. So too, Batman has a sword fight with Ra’s Al Ghul for little reason other than to make a callback to a Dennis O’Neil story that really has no bearing on the current events. And Jason Todd would have to be reestablished almost as thoroughly as he was in Under the Red Hood, just to turn out as yet another fake-out. Not to mention Huntress and Oracle, who would further derail the film’s ability to tell its story in a timely fashion.

Perhaps the best compromise would be to set the story in Bruce Timm’s DCAU, where at least a few more of the necessary elements would already be in place compared to the New 52-esque animated film universe. Even then, though, they’d still have to cut out quite a lot.

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The movie was great and entertaining!..if you’ve never read the storyline. It was was disappointing as a true dc fan, not accurate at all. They didn’t even bring in tim drake or Oracle, i hated that batgirl was in it. Hot garbage of a dc animated film, but it was funny. And the ending was so bad.

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The Hush identity change felt out of character for the Riddler.


I fully expected a mid-credits scene showing that the real Hush was still out there. That was my disappointment.


I wasn’t that upset it was a different twist, it worked for what it was. (BATMAN ALL DAY)

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It was a stupid subversion.

It just kind of confused me that they went this direction. Seems like an odd choice. I liked a lot of it, but that and the omission of the Jason Todd “reveal” seemed really weird.

I sort of assume the Thomas Elliot reveal (‘you don’t know how lucky you were to be an orphan Bruce, I wanted my parents dead’ (T.Elliot)) was decided to be way too dark to pull a PG13 rating? I was fine with the changes made for the animated. I have always enjoyed that… Although, this might be the first animated that I watched where I read the source material before I saw the show it came from… Typically, such as, Suicide Squad (1st animated one) full-length feature, I watched the crud outta that (SO GOOD!) then, started reading the Suicide Squad Comics Material + was delighted to see the Live Action & enjoy the differences between those two shows. Same with the Wonder Woman animated movie to Live Screen version (although, I did think they really missed an important opportunity by leaving out the girl in the park with the ice cream cone scene). Have a Super Day Super Friends! :woman_superhero: I am off to Chicago Comic Con tomorrow! Been waiting all year & it’s finally here! EEEEEEeeeeee! :woman_superhero: