Was amyone else not pleased with Sue Dearbon's portrayal in The Flash (spoilers)

Was I the only one not happy that in The Flash they actually made Sue into a thief.

I mean I am not arguing Sue is such an iconic character that they should never change anything. But they spent months building up to her reveal. And then for most of the movie we got a well done character that was faithful to at least the spirit of Sue Dibny. Then seemingly just to throw a surprise twist they made her a theif out of nowhere.

I mean I am sure she will still end up with Elongated man when all is said and done. But if they are going to change her that much from the comics, I don’t really like they teased her arrival for that long. Or think it was a change that needed to be made.


I think that their Sue Dearbon is a great character. I think she played well against Ralph.

I don’t know enough about the comic version to have any input there. Maybe it should have been a new character for the show?

Anyway, as a person clueless about comic-Sue I really enjoyed the portrayal.

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In his introduction, Ralph was a greasy sleezeball. He has since turned into a very likable character. Give them a minute.


@DanTheManOne1 @MentorsWinnebago I’m not up on my Elongated Man, was he a disgraced cop in the comics? I don’t remember and I can’t see squeaky clean DC Silver Age starting him out like that. Or did they take Plastic Man’s origin and squish the together?

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No, in his original introduction he really had no given profession. But the Flash did think he was trying to steal some stuff, when really Ralph just got to the scene of the crime first.
I had the same thoughts you did about the parallels between the CW Ralph and Plastic Man.

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Generic CW portrayal. Not pleased with this iteration of Sue.


I was disappointed. It almost seemed like they were trying to make her Catwoman-light with the diamond stealing, black suite, and fighting abilities. However, I think the hints of her following a bigger trail (seeing swirls on the diamond) will tie to a bigger mystery connected to Mirror Master and stopping villains. So, I don’t really think she’s a thief just to be a thief - although I’m not sure why she wouldn’t enlist heroes to take down villains instead of tricking said heroes… hopefully that’s addressed decently later.

After reading the comments maybe I over reacted. It was just they built up the suspense gave a great more or less accurate portrayal of Sue, then threw a twist just to throw a twist.

But yeah there is likely more to it and she probably has a redemption arc. And she and Ralph did have convincing chemistry. Just didn’t seem like a necessary twist but once it all plays out I might see it differently.