Warning: Two Major Spoilers in Today's Bringing Back Young Justice (Episode 3)

If you’re spoiler-avoidant kind of viewer, you may want to steer clear of the newest episode of Whitney Moore’s ‘Bringing Back Young Justice.’ These aren’t the most shocking of spoilers - they’re both events that the fans have already guessed at - but for those who like to go in to new episodes completely unspoiled, you may want to avoid BBYJ Episode 3 at least until Friday.

Last chance …

During the interviews, the cast and crew reveal two crucial plot elements for future episodes:

  • Cyborg will indeed be part of the series. We not only meet his voice actor, we get a short scene of him as Victor with his father AND the briefest glimpse of him as Cyborg.

-Halo is indeed being inhabited by the dead Mother Box that Connor found in Markovia.

I do hope that future episodes of BBYJ will be a bit more careful in what they reveal and when they reveal it. These spoilers weren’t too drastic, but I’d still have preferred to go into this last batch of episodes without knowing what I now know.


There should definitely be spoiler warnings next time, but the original thumbnail for the next set of episodes had Victor.

As for the Mother Box theory, I was already aware of it, so happily surprised to get confirmation.

Yeah I think that’s why they’ve been waiting so long to release each episode. They super spoiled it :joy: