🚨Warning: Spoilers!🚨Young Justice: Outsiders Ep. 7-9 Reaction Thread

If you’ve had a chance to watch the most recent episodes of Young Justice: Outsiders, you know that they were jam packed with crash #ships, cameos, and many major :sob:moments. And we just have to hear what you think!

Share all your spoiler-iffic thoughts below and let it all out!


Anyone else think wolf is so tired because he’s going to evolve?
Gonna be even more badass!


I honestly thought the mere existence of “The Nuclear Option” was scary, but to see how close that now dead character got to pulling it off was even more frightening.


As of right now, they’re my favorite episodes of the season. Vandal Savage’s story was awesome, (the beginning gave me some 2001: A Space Odyssey vibes). Tim’s team was a nice surprise, and I especially loved the reveal that the separate teams were all in cahoots. It’s amazing how the writers are able to include the whole DCU, but still have time to make the characters feel human (like in the super hero parents club, and the Black Lightening and Dr. Jace romance). Can’t wait for next Friday!


The Goggles are confimred to be from Apocolyps and convinced me to never get the Oculus rift. Supprised that Granny was in this episode, and is deep undercover.
Also poor Ocean master can’t catch a break this month.
Loved the reveals that they are slowly feeding us. Lots of depth to the factions on both sides. They even lead off this week with the endgame for Darkside and Vandal.
Final note, is Halo the new Kenny? They kill her every other episode and Geoforce has the same reaction every time LOL.


Don’t know where to begin; This show is AMAZING! Started off very slow but the build up was worth it. Love how there are so many characters but there isn’t any lost of focus as to where the plot goes. Only problem is when the Mothers showed up in the house I couldn’t tell who was who. Adding names to the screen to tell us who is who would be great. Even with same with heroes would be great cause all the clone Harpers were hard to keep up with. Excellent show. I really had Super Hero fatigue these past few years and this show makes me interested in Super Heroes again. Thanks…


Was that Lois Lane that showed up to Iris, play that


That Vandal Savage’s episode was brilliant, i wish it was a full blown episode of him with little of Nightwing, Superboy and rest of the heroes but episode was good A+


There’s a Victor Stone Easter egg in beginning of episode 7


Another fantastic week of episodes. So many new characters introduced, including a huge chunk of the next generation of Earth’s heroes.

The counterpoint between the Vandal Savage spotlight and the Outsiders’ training efforts was sublime, digging deeper into all of these characters while maintaining the momentum of a one-and-done story. Vandal’s extensive origin shined so much … Light … on his motivations over the last three seasons. Great camaraderie between the team’s vets and between the newbies. And now I can’t un-know that Forager is always naked. I was very impressed by Vandal’s new voice actor, and was of course saddened by the dedication at the end of the first of the three episodes. We will miss you, Mr. Ferrer.

While the premiere of Cassandra Cain may be the highlight of the second of the three new episodes for many, I must admit I’m more of a Stephanie fanboy. It was so great seeing her in action alongside the younger members of Batman, Inc. and there’s a large part of me that hopes she evolves into Batgirl in this season or the next. This could easily have been a mess of an episode with everything going on, but the interlocking plot elements were well-woven by the always enjoyable Peter David. Great to see Shade and Livewire, and the Stagg connection should probably lead us towards an encounter with Metamorpho sooner rather than later.

And then there’s the daycare episode. Considering Orm’s unconscionable plan, his final fate seemed justified. And Granny Goodness? I don’t know anyone who trusted those VR goggles… and now we find that we’re justified in that mistrust. Must be something Titans taught me…

My only complaint at the moment is that I want time with so many characters, and it’s just not possible. I could use less Jefferson/Jace time and more with Kaldur or Zatanna, but that’s just the nature of the beast. Even if these episodes were three hours long each, it’d never be enough for me.

And that’s the hallmark of great television.


Best 3 episodes of the season! I absolutely love how the show does an incredible job balancing, adding and reintroducing characters. I would love to see more of Zatanna (the episode with her father was definitely a tear jerker). I also loved the scene with the Flash and Shazam in the car, I didn’t realize who they were until…:eyes: Excited to see the plot unfold even more, can’t wait for next week and please renew for season 4 haha





Vandal Savage was awesome. I have never seen him in that way before. He may not be a hero, but that man is a true beast.


I love that it is finally starting to feel like an ensemble/team show again. And to have so many teams going at once but you can still keep track of and root for all of them, very nice! This week’s group of episodes are the best so far this season for me. I loved seeing the batfamily too!


They did well with Darkseid. I want to see Forager fight like he did when sparring with Nightwing, not so much pillbug form. I liked how Starro was portrayed- I don’t mind when he speaks, but him not speaking fit the narrative.

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I liked seeing the “super” moms and dads haha come together, interesting scene!!! Hopefully there’s more on why they cannot be targeted.


Got just a little taste of Ultra Humanite!! A little bummed how they are handling him speaking with a voice box but the universe they are in doesn’t have the ape characters talk (i.e. Monsieur Mallah-YJ S1 E13-Alpha Male ). I’ll get used to it as he’s a favorite villain of mine. On the same note, I wonder if we’ll get Mr. Tawky Tawny for Shazam in the series since he named the tiger that in the Alpha Male episode?

AND-We got G. Gordon, Granny Goodness, Kalibak and of course Darkseid…WHERE’s MR. MIRACLE AND BIG BARDA!!! They even mentioned The Anti-Life Equation which was a huge part of the recent Mr. Miracle Series!*

If you haven’t read the latest Mr. Miracle series-read it Arnold Schwarzenegger NAAAAAOOOOOWWW!!!*

**Darkseid is.

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I’m really loving this season. Obviously the more “mature” content (the blood, the post-coital scenes etc.) stand in contrast to the earlier 2 seasons, but it never detracts or feels out of place. It’s like the show is growing alongside the viewers.

The portrayal of Vandal Savage was brilliant. The idea of a massive invasion force headed to earth and nobody really knowing it was happening or was stopped is such a cool idea. And the revelation that the various heroes have caught-on to how The Light operates, and is using their own tricks against them is really cool - although the Starro invasion kind of makes me feel like the heroes are still a few steps behind The Light.

Also on a personal note, I’ve always loved Maggie Q as the voice of Diana on YJ, and I really hope to see more of Wonder Woman, especially after Tryptich.


I hope some of the milestone/dc characters get some shine.

I hope we Will get to see more of Lobo

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