Warner Bros. 100 Years


In 1937, young 26 year old Ronald Reagan started his acting career at Warner Brothers starting with Love Is On The Air. :smiley:
Happy 100 anniversary Warner Brothers.


The first movie referenced in the video was made by MGM. Warner Bros. currently owns the rights through Ted Turner, but they didn’t make it.

How can they blunder this tribute video that much right out of the gate?


So much for Miller being out of the advertising.


-sadly thinks about the cancelled looney tunes projects-


My classic film buff friends and I have all been complaining about this video because several of the movies featured weren’t made by Warner at all, but by MGM and in one instance Paramount. For that matter, where are the classic Warner Bros. television shows? There’s no Maverick, no 77 Sunset Strip, no Kung Fu. I think Wonder Woman is the oldest show featured!

They really should ditch this video and do a whole new one.


I’ve been working my way through the new animated series on HBO Max, and I’m only up to episode 5 but so far I am not impressed. Sadly so, as this was something I was excited about and all the clips I’ve ever seen looked good - so it feels like one of those - all the best stuff in that movie was already in the trailers - thing.


The sheer amount of classic cinema in the WB catalog that has influenced imaginations across the globe for a century now in and of itself is truly amazing to behold. This is my most fave studio in Hollywood and has been for a long time. As a (small) shareholder in the company I will say that investing in the company was one of the most fulfilling experiences in my grown up life. Thank you for greenlighting Batman 89 :00_batman_1989: WB, because if you hadn’t it’s very likely I would’ve missed out on the wonderfulness that is the :00_dc_2016: universe. Again, thank you so much for an incrediblele century’s worth of entertainment WB- now let’s dive into the next one! :smiley:

Ps. and no Zaslav- none of what I posted above applies to you or Discovery. The sooner you and your people’s association with this legendary logo comes to a close the better.

:angry: :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I will never be cool with your involvement with this studio. EVER.
:triumph: :muscle:


Between the classic Warner Bros. cartoons and their classic films, Warner Bros. has always been my favorite studio of the Golden Age of Hollywood. They even had my second favorite actress of all time under contract, Bette Davis! And then later on, after DC became part of Warner’s fold, there are all the great DC shows and movies.

That’s why I wish Zaslav would just get lost. He either doesn’t know what he’s doing or he’s intent on destroying WB’s legacy!




Thank you for posting this wonderful video tribute Mighty @Mae! :smiley: :hugs: :harleys_crew:


Of course! We have plans to celebrate the centennial throughout 2023!


Yay! Count me in! :tada:


This really gives me an idea, next year I’m thinking of making a list of 100 favorite Warner Brothers movies, from old to new. This will be fun and tough. :smiley:
Not sure I’ll add a TV shows to the list. Those probably don’t count.:thinking:


I think TV shows would be a separate list.


That’s what I’ve been thinking.:slightly_smiling_face: Cause with movies, there’s so many I like over the years, I’m sure there’s way more then 100 movies from Warner Brothers that I like, Now I need to narrow those down.


I could probably find 100 Warner Bros. movies I love from the Golden Age of Hollywood alone! TV Shows would be more difficult. I think a list of TV shows would have to be only 50. I do know Maverick and ER would top my list.


I predict that Zaslav is likely going to end up been seen as the savior of Warner Bros and DC Films by the end of the 2020’s. AT&T did not leave Warner Bros in a good state.


Zaslav hasn’t really done anything businessly wrong yet and considering the state AT&T left WB, he has to find the most profitable way to pull it out of that mess. Sure somethings get cancelled but you got to break a few eggs to make an omlet


He’s decided to resurrect the worst casting ever by greenlighting a new Keanu Reeves as Constantine film, which I’m guessing will take only two months to film, and when that bombs, he should get the boot.

Warner Bros. took over DC about the time of the first Christopher Reeve Superman?