wantto start reading comics bout nightwing and i have no where yo start

I see dc has a important story line on his bio , but I cant even find some of them they have on there idk if its just me not knowing how comics work lol.

The Nightwing Rebirth run is pretty good. Not sure if Nightwing Year One is still on here but that’s a fantastic read as well.

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All the books below are in our library

Dick Grayson is Nightwing.

He was the original Robin, and debuted in Detective Comics 38, in the late 1930s.

From then on, he was featured in most Batman and Detective Comic until Grayson was injured and the duo split apart. Jason Todd became the second Robin.

There is a good Robin Year One mini series, published in 2000.

Grayson was the leader of the Teen Titans beginning in 1966. The supposedly hip teenage dialogue was written by fifty year old men, making the series hard to read.

That group broke up and a New Teen Titans began in 1982 and continued in 1984. See also Tales of the New Titans. The Annual during that time concludes the Judas Contract, their most famous story, during which Grayson quits being Robin and begins his career as Nightwing.

Nightwing series start in 1995, 1996 and 2011. Nightwing Year One is part of one of these titles

He was the leader of the Outsiders, beginning in 2003.

Grayson is unmasked in Forever Evil 2013 and becomes a spy in Grayson 2014.

The original Teen Titans reunite in 2015 in Titans Hunt, which leads to Titans Rebirth and Titans in 2016.

Nightwing Rebirth and Nightwing also began in 2016.

He was shot in the head recently and doesn’t remember being Nightwing. Current issues have mixed reviews.

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Nightwing material from the Comics section that I’d recommend for a new fan:

-Nightwing mini-series from 1995
-Nightwing ongoing that came after the mini-series (it was his first solo ongoing and the Nightwing series that ran the longest and has the most material of any Nightwing title here and in general)
-New 52 Nightwing
-Forever Evil

Rebirth Nightwing is okay, but very hit and miss IMO.

As for Dick Grayson adventures in general, you can also check out his Grayson ongoing series (which takes place after the New 52 Nightwing and Forever Evil). The entirety of it is available in the Comics section.


Also Grayson was Batman to Damian Wayne as Robin in 2009 Batman and Robin, while Batman was presumed dead.

Written by Grant Morrison, it was a very good series Grayson as Batman was less grim than Bruce Wayne and even smiled.

And as Damian said to Grayson, as they faced death.

“I don’t care what anybody else says, we were the best Batman and Robin.”