Want more.

When I first decided that I was going to get the DC streaming service. The reason I got it was because of Young Justice Outsiders, and Teen Titans. But then started thinking about all the cool stuff that would be on there. Green Lantern the Animated Series, The Flash, the Green Lantern from th CW, Batman versus Superman, and all DC universes stuff. So there’s a long way to go for this service to be perfect. Hopefully they will bring out more stuff soon before Teen Titans and Young Justice Outsiders conclude. If not I will be moving on after that. I think if there’s going to be a DC streaming service that should mean all of DC not even Wonder Woman is on this the movie I mean for my kids.

Hey jguzman235.78650, our goal is to bring you an ever-expanding selection of great titles from the DC library and new content will be added to the service all the time. In some cases, specific videos and comics aren’t available for various reasons, including existing licensing agreements.

I hope this makes sense. This service is still in it’s infancy but with the support of you guys in the DC Universe we will watch it grow together :slight_smile:

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