Want full page or half page with up/down scroll in Apple Tv app !

This panel to panel stuff is terrible.

You lose the feel of the comic.

Worse, parts of the panels typically get cut off, including some of the word bubbles.

I want options for Full Page and or Half Page with up/down scrolling.

Why ruin the comics with the current limited and damaged viewing ?

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I completely agree. First I want them to come out and explicitly explain it they are keeping most series with just one or three numbers. Once they have done that, I also want them to add that functionality. Half pages are essential for tables and larger phones.

Agree. Read Flash comics 1 and one page wasn’t there. Had to go back and forth 3 or 4 times to finally get it to come up. They need to open the archives for full view of all runs. These limited runs are disappointing. Saw where there may be an option to pay for full view of archives but that’s pretty weak,