Just caught a blurb of this, all those walmart books appear to be done for. The remaining bits ld the original stories are gonna be collected and theres NEW plans for 100 pg giants to be sold all over, not just exclusively. ITS OVER. PLEASE, LET IT FINALLY BE OVER.

If all this is not true, someone call it out. I just get a lil overexcited when it comes to good news and wanted to share…

To clarify: it seems the Walmart books will be continuing, and the line may even expand — but it will also be made available in additional markets.


HCQ nailed it. what they shoulda done. Im all for spreading books out pass the lcs, but not the exclusiveness.

Do you not have Walmarts that carry those books in your area?

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We got em, but the only one i picked up was the swampy(my dude). Its just i couldnt see pickin up a book for essentially one chapter of a story and a buncha reprints i already have. If there was more variety in the reprints, i woulda bought them.

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80 years worth of books, there were alot of stories to reprint…

I like these comics but other than a two or maybe three of the reprints most of the content is new to me. My only problem is I’m not sure if I’m gonna find the new issues. Like the issue 7’s were on shelves for two weeks and then the new issue 1’s were out out. The same thing happens with the issue 4’s. I waited and waited and finally they were out out then like a week later the issue5’s were put out. The first Swamp Thing special was finally out out the week before Thanksgiving. After having problems finding the issue 4’s then missing all of them except Superman I almost quit buying them. I’m all for these comics especially if they can be found easier.