Wally West

Is the red headed speedster underrated these days? Who else wants to see more of him in comics and animated films? Do you think DC is passing up opportunity or do you want Barry Allen to keep the spotlight?


He was the only flash in the Justice League cartoons, also in Young Justice. If anything Barry hasnt been in much until the Tv series.

I love Wally tho and he needs to not be dead.


I loved Wally West, @TheParadiseOfUnity! :slight_smile:

Wally’s the greatest Flash ever! There is room for both Wally and Barry in the DCU. I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it until someone (Didio) realizes that Wally is the “heart and soul” of the DCU. Wally is DC’s most underused asset. He is the entry-way for all readers into the DCU. Wally’s not a “god” he’s a guy. Let’s face it, Wally is the Peter Parker of the DCU. And that’s a good thing.

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