Wally West

Why do you think DC has decided to abuse beloved characters of their universe like Roy Harper, Batman, and Wally West?

If our heroes don’t go through things, we can’t love them more or watch them grow.


Putting a character through their paces, challenging them with tougher enemies and harder problems is all fine and good. And when it’s a major event I generally don’t mind if the threat of our hero not making it out alive is there. Heck I used to think Mark Waid had it in for Wally the way he kept putting the poor guy through one wringer after another! But compared to how Wally’s been treated since Flash Rebirth in 2009, the Waid years were a vacation! Ignored, deleted, replaced, returned but forgotten, and then nearly done in by Speed Force merge, retro-active heart condition and now apparently sliced up in a vicious slaughterhouse style killing spree…Wally has had much better times dealing with Zoom, Savitar and Kobra combined!!


Dan Didio hates Wally West and Dick Grayson. Probably Roy Harper too.

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Nothing is letting me watch anything. Even tried to start a thread with no luck. Every time I try to watcha movie or show it says I have to be a member. I am on the 7 day trial and have already given my card to pay the membership. What’s the deal? Should I just cancel it? Is it going to be just a waste of money?

I hope the death of Wally (and Roy) is a red herring for this new Crisis book. I hate to keep harping on “dark DC” but this is obviously an editorial decision–albeit a bad one. And I don’t want to call for someone to lose their job, but it looks like this is the direction they are going in as long as Dan Didio and company are at the helm.

  1. Buffy died more times than Wally and the show was named after her.
    2)There were several “Dark DC” stories before Didio was in charge.
  2. It’s a dark world so why shouldn’t that be presented in what we read.
  3. HBO and several other media outlets has made a killing on dark material.
  4. Since when is Wally the most beloved, even as the options for the Flash?

Since at least the 90’s for me. Wally is my favorite Flash and my favorite DC character outside of Batman. He’s had true character growth and development and it’s a shame to waste it.

+4GRANTed Yeah but Joss Wheadon’s not writing for DC is he.

I have been DC fan and have been reading DC Comics since early 90’s. I this is a very unpopular opinion, but I have never liked Wally West as the Flash. To me Barry Allen has always been the Flash. I realize that Jay Garrick was the original Flash however, Barry Allen’s Flash has always been my favorite.

@baseballmaniac01.45870 I personally prefer the darker and gritter DC universe stories. When we take a step back and look at the stories DC tells, they are Gods among mortal stories for the most part. I feel those stories are better told with the dark and gritty back drop.

Look, I’m a Wally guy, but I do like Barry too. I don’t see why you can’t have them both co-exsist. One of them carry’s The Flash book, while the other represents in The Justice League. After a couple years or so have them flip flop positions. Rinse and repeat, everyones happy.