Wally West - Up for debate!? (YJ Spoilers)

[[ Young Justice Season 2 Spoilers! ]]

Kid Flash, Wally West, documented as the fastest Flash of them all, dies in the speed force, a force he reportedly makes a costume out of to WEAR in later years of his existent. So, does it really make sense for him to be dead? Was the death justified for the fastest Flash to ever exists, should it really be the end?

The Debate Topic: Upon my researching and reading of theories and Easter Eggs, I find many people saying that they WANT Wally West to STAY dead, mostly for the purpose of not making the show come off as cheap or make Kid Flashes sacrifice as un-just.

The Debate Question:
So my question is, does Wally West death make sense? Do those reasoning seem fair or just to the character?

(( I know I am clearly showing a bias! But I’m generally curious what people think about this. What other reasonings should Wally west stay dead, or what reason should he be alive? Do you want it to be the last you see of Kid Flash in the YJ series?))

Let’s debate!

{ Also any Spitefire fans?}

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I honestly want him to come back to life, idk know about other people but I want him back.

A reason that he should be alive, is just cause.

{Also I love spitfire}


@bkhere I agree! I’d like to see him come back!

  1. I think we still haven’t seen his full potential/character development! We only saw a glimpse of it as he disappeared into the speed force.
  2. This was one of the more well developed relationships of the show (or at least season 1), it needs better justice!
  3. I’m curious to see if they would get back together/stay together, of if they would bring in Linda Park(his OG spouse), would his age remain the same or would he get older? If he gets older it could be why he doesn’t stay with Artemis, or whatever reason.
    {Although I’d be disappointed if that was the case, since I ship them. }