Wally Returning

  1. Who Thinks Wally Will Return this season of Young Justice ?

  2. Also Who misses Wally?

And last,

  1. If Wally Returns do you think Artemis and him will get back together?

I hope the spitfire will return. And also Wally cause god I miss Wally. He made everything better and funnier.

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I really don’t care for sally returning mostly bc that’s all I hear about it’s starting to get annoying to the point where I don’t care anymore


I loved him so much he was absolutely hilarious! He’s excatly like me we both eat and eat and eat and we never get fat! Anyone relate?!

I’m not sure if Wally will return. DC seems to have agenda against him. They are trying to make everyone forget that he was the best Flash.


If he comes back he needs his rebirth suit you know witch one I’m talking about(;

I don’t know because since Will has been living together with Tigress after Wally’s death and Cheshire left Will and her daughter, Black Lightning’s Ex wife mentioned about it and that they are both single living together in the same roof and he started feel abit bashful about it and speechless. I have a feeling they might start being together soon.

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