Wallmart 100 Page Comics

Where in Los Angeles can I Find Wallmart 100 Page Comics? Have Looked all over San Fernando Valley and have been Lucky to Find One.


I don’t know about L.A., but generally speaking it’s the stores with the up front by the registers section of trading cards, card games, The Walking Dead action figures and so on that carry them. They’re in that area.

If you go to a store that doesn’t have that section, there’s pretty much a 100% chance that they won’t have them at all. In my experience at least.


The one time I looked back when they first came out my local Walmart had a display over by the action figures in the toy department and a few stray copies that had migrated to the newsstand. I think there is a good chance that in a major market like LA they are probably selling super quickly though.

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Speaking of which I wonder when Issue 6 is going to be out? I’m on the lookout after the way they sprung Issue 5 on us like that

I’m also in LA. I’ve been able to find them in Porter Ranch, Alhambra, and down in Anaheim by Disney. I live in Burbank, directly across the highway from a Walmart that doesn’t carry them. :man_shrugging:t2:

Here in iowa they sit on the shelves.

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Where I am in Upstate New York, we’ve never seen them sold out.

It looks like the new issues are starting to hit. Saw Superman, JLA and Teen Titans #6 on eBay a few minutes ago. Haven’t seen a listing for Batman yet.

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I’m hinting at to my fiance I want those comics for Christmas

Okay I guess I’ll have to stop by Walmart today while we zip around getting supplies for baking for wifey

The past couple of months they’ve been a little late and all four titles came out together unlike previous months where two titles came out at the beginning of the month and the other two towards the end.
That being said I haven’t seen any #6s yet, I’ll probably head out to Walmart tomorrow morning and check it out…

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Number sixes have arrived in Upstate New York, they look great!!!

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Got mine down here in Georgia. :sunglasses:

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Can you find them on the website?

Not usually. I found numbers for them on Brickseek and them by an employee at Customer Service. Came up with bupkis.

Thank you Vvroom, found them exactly where you said they would be when I went back to Local Walmart.


I’m in Michigan and I seen alot here hope I get some for Christmas

@cliffmist, you’re welcome. Did you find the newest issues (#6)?

@David, they’d make perfect stocking stuffers, right?

@vroom I wouldn’t mind it