Waiting (fixed)

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I’m waiting for Swamp Thing to catch up on its episodes and then start watching. Or if I’m disciplined enough, maybe wait until ALL the episodes air and then the next show comes on.

Sucks having to wait a while for only one original piece of content each month.

BUT IM HANGING IN THERE :grimacing::grimacing::sob::sob:

Anybody else feel the same? Waiting for these episodes is like watching paint dry.

Maybe I should get out more…

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I’m the opposite if I have all the episodes at once I get overwhelmed and end up just not watching it. One episode a week is perfectly whelming for me. For example the Arrowverse, I wait for them to be added to Netflix because I can’t stand commercials , I mean seriously you take 4 shows add 20 minutes of commercials for each episode a week that’s a Hour and a half of your life wasted, right now all of the most current seasons are on Netflix that’s almost 80 episodes of tv I’m drowning in.


^ must be that time of the month again

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