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So I was wondering if we could start a voting event for specific comics/storylines that DC should make into an animated movie. Everybody gets together votes for their favorite one. The number one movie idea gets made by DC and everyone wins. If we get enough people to get in on it I think DC would go for it.

If they already have anything like this let me know please also

I’m not sure if a “What should be the next DC animated movie” poll exists as of yet, but we can certainly make a list of what events/prominent stories haven’t been turned into animated movies yet and then set up the poll as a separate topic.

For openers, I can think of a number of Bat-storylines that could be made into animated movies:
Knightfall saga
No man’s land
War games
Death in the Family

Not to mention these other DC classics:
Crisis on infinite earths
Infinite crisis
Final night
Green Lantern:Rebirth
Sinestro Corps War
Green Arrow: Quiver

Again, just listing off stories that could be made into animated movies, not necessarily should :sweat_smile:

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I would love a Booster Gold animated series or films based on the Geoff Johns run. You could easily turn it into a what if concept and have him visit the multiverse.

Also I’d like to see an animated film of anything JSA.


Top 3 for me
1 Deceased
2 Heroes in crisis
3 Any Hellblazer comic

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