:0_round_robin: VOTING CLOSED! Round Robin: Round II :0_round_robin:

Due to popular demand, DC has determined that Round Robin voting will now add our beloved Community to the final tallies of each round :partying_face:

For the whole lively discussion and a full breakdown of everything #round-robin, visit Your Complete Guide to DC’s 2021 Round Robin Brackets. There, you can check out the full pitches of each campaign, the creative teams assigned, full schedule details, and much more to help you decide your vote!

And now, for the next exciting installment of …

:batparrot: ROUND ROBIN! :batparrot:

  • Green Lantern: Underworld on Fire
  • Zatanna and the King of Nightmares

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  • Lobo/Animal Man: Scorched Earth
  • Robins

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  • Blue Beetle: Graduation Day
  • Jesse Quick: Control

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  • Superman & Lois: Ignition
  • Suicide Squad Seven

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What do you think of the concept art? Who are your favorite creative teams? Let us know in the comments below! :point_down:


Very exciting! Love these promo images!




Tell me about it! I get goosebumps just looking at the Superman & Lois: Ignition cover! But I can’t decide between that and Suicide Squad Seven…

Care to try and sway my vote? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Honestly, I want Superman and Lois: Ignition a LOT! But…I also adore Diogenes Neves from his wonderful run on Deathstroke with Priest.


Even if these comics like ‘Son Of Creeper’ loses, will they still be made into comics and come out for fans to read?:thinking: There’s alot of interesting titles.


Superman is a very good friend with Martian The Manhunter.:slightly_smiling_face:


Zatanna written by the Soska Sisters :scream: :star_struck: :scream: I want that!


I see, so you’re making it even more difficult for me to choose, huh? :joy:


I do apologize! It was hard for me to choose too!


I’m still a little bummed that it went up against JLQ in the first round since we need more queer rep but I really am excited for the Robins book. I really hope it wins. Especially since it looks like they’re acknowledging Stephanie as a Robin again! And of course I’m always here for quality Tim Drake content.


Finally, some creative team announcements! This is what I’ve been waiting for!

  1. Zatanna > Green Lantern. A Zatanna comic by the Soska Sisters? As in the 2001 JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS MOVIE Soska Sisters??? This, I’ve GOTTA see.

  2. Robins > Lobo/Animal Man. Seeley is a huge Dick Head (er, uh, I mean, a huge Dick Grayson fan), and it’s encouraging seeing Steph in the group, even if she is waaaaay in the back.

  3. Jesse Quick > Blue Beetle. Stephanie Philips is one of the most interesting new DC writers, and I’d love to see her take on a speed book.

  4. Superman & Lois: Ignition > Suicide Squad Seven. Lanzing & Kelly are consistently one of the most underrated writing duos in comics and I’d like them to get another shot.


Thank you so much for doing this!!! I really appreciate this!!!


Did you read the Let Them Live issue of Nightwing that was released recently? :slight_smile: I thought it was really fun.


Gl v Z: Z
Both look great but the king of Nightmares has me hooked songs I’m going with that.

L&AM v R: R
Lobo and Animal sound like a blast of an adventure but I’m going to the robins side this round. Enjoy the bat family adventure.

This was a challenge but I went with JQ. BBs sounds like a great reach battle adventure but JQs story the more I read over it the more I’m interested.

S&L v SS: SS
S&L looks amazing but I’m really curious with the SS characters. So they get my vote.

All in all they all look great. Hope the ones that don’t win come later. Even if it’s a short version in an anthology issue or annual or sorts. Maybe in a let them live.


I never miss an issue of Let Them Live. Elliott Kalan’s Ambush Bug is worth it alone.


Ya know, I did also want to see some cool JLQ stuff so it’s unfortunate it lost. However, it garnered so much support from the community that DC absolutely noticed! My fingers are crossed for what’s to come now :crossed_fingers:t3:

Btw, welcome to our community :slight_smile:


My picks:

Green Lanterns: Underworld on Fire vs. Zatanna and the King of Nightmares
I do really like V. Ken Marion’s art, and Kyle and Kilowog looks great, but…Zatanna also looks really great…very hard decision there. I gave it to Zatanna, but it was hard.

Lobo/Animal Man: Scorched Earth vs. Robins
I have to admit, this one wasn’t very hard for me - the Robins, particularly Steph, are really huge favorites of mine, the art looks wonderful, and I’m a big Tim Seeley fan. Plus, even though I loved the Animal Man plot in 52, I don’t have that much connection to him and Lobo.

Blue Beetle: Graduation Day vs. Jesse Quick: Control
I went with Blue Beetle, because that art looks really cool, the concept is very exciting, and even though I really adore Dvaid Lafuente’s art and I’ve enjoyed most of Stephanie Phillips’ writing that I’ve seen, I just struggle with Flash.

Superman and Lois: Ignition vs. Suicide Squad Seven
Another hard choice for me, though my vote for Superman and Lois was a bit easier than Zee vs. Kyle. I really love Diogenes Neves from his stellar work on Deathstroke with Priest, but Kelly and Lanzing plus those gorgeous promotional images tipped it over towards wacky cosmic adventures with Clark and Lois!


Let’s just say Suicide Squad is going to be like nothing you’ve ever seen before… it’s gonna be the same tone as the upcoming movie: lots of action, lots of fun, lots of cringe. : )


Some bastiches don’t know what’s good.