Vote For The Next Cereal For The Saturday Mornings Watch-Along on March 9th!

You’ve been enjoying the goodness of the Saturday Mornings Watch-Alongs here in the TV/Film/Games section right? Sure you have! Now YOU can vote for what symphony of sugary cereal goodness you’d like to enjoy for this coming Saturday, March 9th!

Here’s the straight dope ( “rules”) on how this works:

-Voting runs from today Saturday, March 2nd, until this coming Tuesday, March 5th. The voting period will END at 8 PM PT/11 PM ET on the night of Tuesday, March 5th. You only get one vote for one cereal so think it over carefully and, as the Grail Knight said to Indiana Jones: “Choose wisely.”

After voting has concluded, the votes will be totaled by a moderator and then posted in that week’s shiny new Saturday Mornings Watch-Along thread. You have from the time that thread goes up until the wee, early hours prior to that Saturday’s WAL to run out like The Flash and get your box of that week’s winner. So, be most expedient and “do it to it Lars!”

That’s all there is to it Super Friends! Just vote within the indicated time frame and from when the new Saturday Mornings post goes up and onward, go scoot your boot to your nearest food jobber to get the Cereal of the Week. Remember, your vote DOES count, so rock it here and rock it well!"

Happy voting!!!


teeny bump :slight_smile:

Kix! :slightly_smiling_face:

Let’s turn the tide early. Apple Jacks.

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reads Reagan’s post, is then reminded of the song “Kicks” by Paul Revere and the Raiders

They keep getting harder to find =)

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lifts thread back up to prominence

Cinnamon Toast Crunch!!!


Yesterday I bought Apple Jacks cereal. I haven’t had it in years! :bowl_with_spoon::penguin:

Apple Jacks are tasty. I like my initial box quite a bit.

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Cocoa Pebbles. Yabadabadoo!

I feel we need a type of cereal that we don’t usually eat somthing “strange”. For the world strangest heroes. (Let me know if thats the right for the title of the doom partol lol)

The world needs a Doom Patrol cereal.

Call them “Chief-O’s” mayhaps. Cardboard Crazy Jane masks of her different personalities can be cut out of the back of the box and you can then wear them. Maybe you could get a Robotman spoon in the box too.

All kinds of fun can be had.


Grits with country gravy.


Heads up, Seven Up! Voting for this week’s pick will end TONIGHT. Make sure you’ve got your vote in by the 8 PM PT/ 11 PM ET deadline.


I vote for Apple Jacks! I don’t give a darn of the last vote that doesn’t… wait why do I feel funny?

Knight: Reaganfan78 choose poorly.

Cookie Crisp!

That sounds like a less-than-appetizing choice in cereal.

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Voting has ENDED for this week! Thanks to those who participated =)

Now we leave the final tally in the capable hands of a moderator.


cracks knuckles The votes have been tallied, ladies & germs! Stay tuned for the Saturday Morning Cartoons announcement post to learn which cereal stands as champion!