Vote! [DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs Club] Best Art Categories for the Decade! December 26th 2019 – January 9th 2020

Fellow distinguished DC Comic Book Art Connoisseurs, I welcome you all to participate in a very special two-week celebration of the past decade of DC Comics artistic accomplishment!


We’ll have jointly edited Wikis, vibrant voting polls and your personal reflections and postings on the best, artists, artwork pages and best drawn DC comic book series for the decade that is now passing us by in the rear view mirror of life, 2010-2019 in DC-ville!!!

Place your votes below and dig into the wiki using the Edit button at the bottom if you like to post your favorites in the three categories.

Best Artist of the Decade 2010-2019

  • Aaron Lopresti
  • Brett Booth
  • David Finch
  • Doug Mahnke
  • Francis Portela
  • Frank Miller
  • Gary Frank
  • George Perez
  • Greg Capullo
  • Ivan Reis
  • Jason Fabok
  • Jim Lee
  • Patrick Gleason
  • Tony Daniel
  • Other (note who just below)

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Darwyn Cooke +1

Best Drawn Series of the Decade 2010-2019

  • 2010: Batman and Robin #6 to #15
  • 2011: Detective Comics #871 to #881
  • 2012: Batman #3 to #12, #0, #13
  • 2013: Wonder Woman #14 to #25
  • 2014: THE NEW 52: FUTURES END #1-48
  • 2015: The Multiversity: Guidebook, The Multiversity: Mastermen, The Multiversity: Ultra Comics, The Multiversity #2
  • 2016: Superman #1 to #11
  • 2017: Dark Days – The Forge #1, Dark Days – The Casting #1, Dark Nights Metal #1 to #4
  • 2018: Mister Miracle #6 to #12
  • 2019: The Green Lantern #3 to #12
  • Doomsday Clock
  • Dark Knight III: The Master Race
  • Other (say who in Wiki below)

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  • 2016: Aquaman: Underworld #25-#30

Best Artwork of the Decade - Panels, Pages or Covers! (Start of Wiki)

Suggestion: Go to “Comics” “All Comic Series” and sort by Publish Date (Newest) to see the comic series that started appearing from 2010 on.

(insert favorite art here)

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Here are some links to check out to get you inspired in your musings:

Best comics of the decade at DC, year to year:

Top modern artists:

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Two series not mentioned above that I personally enjoyed the artwork of: Doomsday Clock and Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

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Two series not mentioned above that I really enjoyed the art of:

-New 52 Justice League (the Lee and Fabok runs)
-New 52 Wonder Woman (the Chiang and Finch runs)


Art makes us passionate for sure! @Vroom be sure to add your favorites in the Wiki section and we’ll count those up too!

Jim Lee set my standard for gorgeous art and set pieces back in Hush. The only people who have ever came close have been Fabok and Janin.

Huge amount of respect goes out to talented artists such as Daniel and Joelle Jones who not only draw beautifully, but write entertaining and engaging stories as well.


I’d like to nominate Darwyn Cooke for best artist of the decade, may he Rest In Peace.

Check out his breathtaking variant covers from 2014 here.

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Absolutely agree with that nomination, I can’t believe I forgot to put his name in the list above… but added now thanks again!

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I agree Jim Lee is a artist all to himself with his great style nd interpretation!

It doesn’t hurt that he does stuff like visit the troops overseas to entertain them as well, the great artist and equally great human being!


Any other nominations for Best Artist of the decade?