Vixen origin

I just read Vixen: Return of the Lion and I enjoyed it. Outside of reading a “get to know” article here, or a wiki biography, is there a comic book arc (or arcs) that tell her origin story?


I don’t know if there’s a comic, but I do know her origin. I think.

Her home town was attacked and she swore to protect it, but failed (I think). Now she tries to prevent that from happening anywhere else.

one of the new digital-first series is about vixen, its not her origin but if you want more vixen you could check that out.

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She was mauled by a platypus. This gave her powers.

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Here’s a link to a nice overview of Vixen’s history:


You can check out Vixen’s first appearance right here in Action Comics #521.

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Her mother was killed and (I think) her father was too a few years later. As a result, she swore to protect people.

Her origin is kinda similar to Batman’s isnt it?