VIXEN appearance

Will Vixen ever receive her proper introduction in Young Justice anytime soon? Same with John Stewart GL. We already hace Icon, Aqualad, and Steel, Black Lightning, STATIC, Rocket. Now is the time season to give her a full proper introduction that most fans need. Also, it seems like most of season three is also exposing us to a new TEEN TITAMS spinoff once the season concludes. We also need Raven and Starfire to appear in Young Justice as well along with Pantha.


Vixen should’ve been in the birds of prey movie

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John Stewart’s been a member of the Justice League in Young Justice since Season 1. He plays a minor role in “Agendas,” “Happy New Year,” “Alienated,” and “War.” He was even one of the Leaguers who was sent to stir up trouble on Rimbor by The Light, setting the events of Season 2 into motion.

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Also, in Season 3 we find out he’s Black Lightning’s ex brother-in-law!

As for Vixen, keep in mind that YJ is a show where the focus is on younger heroes. If Vixen appears, it will probably be as a background role.