I’m very hopeful that the Joaquin Phoenix Joker movie turns out well, and if it does I’d love to see more emphasis on villain-focused films/tv shows. On that note, what villain/anti-hero do you want to see get his/her own film or show? No shock but I’m all in for Deathstroke.


I’d be in for:

Lady Shiva
Gentlemen Ghost
Ventriloquist & Scarface
Dr. Polaris
Ra’s & Talia
Black Adam
Solomon Grundy
Per Degaton


I’m all in for a Joe Manganiello Deathstroke movie!


As you can see from my profile photo I too am a fan of deathstroke. But I don’t even want the movie they have hinted at the costume looks like dog $*** and featured the “mastermind” being that crap actor who had no idea how to act like Lexi Luthor.

But idk wtf the deal is with WB they can make Harry Potter films feel like it walked off the pages but when it comes to super hero films they wanna have a me too attitude with marvel/Disney. Once they get over that I think WB could have a fantastic dark attitude with villan only films as I would say 90% of dc has more fans for the bad guys then they do the heros.

I think villain movies will be more common. Black Adam has to come eventually. I believe Mr. Freeze can have an interesting solo movie too.

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Killer Moth

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I’ve said before that I’d like a Deathstroke movie or tv show. He’s my favorite villain!

I enjoyed the appearance in the Justice League after credits!


It’s very few villains that can go toe to toe with the Dark Knight but Slade is a legend to.

dc’s strongest asset has always been its villains i hope ur right they have so many fantastic villains to choose from

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Agreed. Joker is the best villain ever created imvho.

Deathstroke or darkseid


Great! Who else is looking forward to the Condiment King movie?

Love DC villains and thought Suicide Squad was a bit of a mess but a lot of the villains themselves were spot on and great. So a sequel would be welcome as would a Legion of Doom with some villians teased in DCEU so far or coming soon and should include
Black Manta
Black Adam
Lex Luther (recast)

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If it comes to giving them their own movies, I would say that antiheroes or grey area villains would be the best choice. Ones that are either just plain fun to watch or have deep, relatable back stories would be a good choice. Personally, my list of villain/antihero focused movies wouldn’t necessarily be on the best villains like Reverse Flash or Gorilla Grodd, they’re better off shining against the hero, but the more human/relatable ones would be a good choice, or at least the ones that would be just plain fun to watch. That being said, my list would be as followed:
Sinestro (origin leading to GL movie)
Vandal Savage
Scarecrow (based on Year One)
Ra’s Al Ghoul (origin story)
Mr. Mxyzptlk
Shade (leading up to Starman)
Deathstroke (origin)
Black Adam (origin in flashbacks)

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My choice would be Reverse Flash for his own movie. Just a little glimpse of his backstory before Eobard Thawne became Reverse Flash & time traveld to kill Barry Allen’s mother. Also, if anyone would play as reverse flash, my choice would be
(Kevin Bacon) because how he played as Bobby Hayes & Sebastian Shaw, I would like to see him play as this Speed Force villain.

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