Villain Appreciation

I know there are a few threads showing appreciation to well made villains, who are the arch nemesis of all our favorite heroes and heroines alike. I wanted this to focus a little more on villains we think are cool or maybe would like to see more of.

For example I enjoyed the way they presented Red X on Teen Titans, between the hidden identity and the charm and mannerisms he is one I wanted to see more of. Mister Twister falls under that same category when I saw him appear on Young Justive but for his case I thought his costume/appearance was really well designed and cool. Last example I have is Black Spider, who is a Batman villain that first appeared in the 70s. The abilities and design are really interesting and “unique” to me, especially the way he has been presented in comics and an animated movie as well.

But who knows, maybe its because I don’t know too much and they are underdeveloped they just stand out and better serve a one time to few time appearance is just unique to myself. Please share and elaborate upon characters and thoughts alike





I read more into this character and they have a pretty cool history and some unique storylines. It’s also awesome seeing the artwork and designs across different artists and mediums too!



Headhunter from Geoff Johns run on Hawkman

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