viewing club anyone interested in a re-watch

Trying to do a viewing party of old series hmu on here or twitter @bizzarr1000

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What’s your first thought? Flash 1990? Wonder Woman? The 1940s animated Superman?

Flash and wonder woman OK that Superman cartoon is something very old

It is VERY old. I watched it though and loved it. It was like Looney Tunes animation with radio voice overs. I watched Flash 1990, but was multi-tasking, and so i could probably watch again. Started WW, but only on episode 3 :slight_smile:

Wonder Woman has some cool stuff on it I was watching that on me TV alot with Adam west batman I hope ends up on here

I’m done for some WW viewing club. I started it, but decided to finish Flash first because I was further along…and because I was trying to get things removed from my favorites. How many episodes we want to watch?

Also, that should be I’m down

Want to do live a review of say wonder woman ep 1 then go to another series kind of go back and forth

Either live tweeting or on here not sure how a viewing club works if I just start a date and time here or what

I mean, I have twitter too. So, it doesn’t matter to me. But, if you want more involvement, my suggestion is to do it mostly here…though I know the book club moved theirs somewhere else for a “live chat” feature too. If you do one or two episodes at a time, that’s probably manageable. Or maybe a story arc - like with Superman the Animated Series, the first three episodes tell the full story.

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I just watched the first 3 eps

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