Video Game Idea

i think that there could be a great video game similar to the destiny franchise staring the green lantern corp

The world you visit could all be from your sector and you could chose your race based on the main races of your sector oa could be the hub area.

The areas where you fight would need to be prepopulated with npcs that you would be protecting from invasions on something along those lines. You could have skill trees with different moves and a standard blaster ability that is upgradable in power-level.

The only issue i see is what is the grind for?
In service games like destiny you grind for the loot and green lanterns donā€™t have different types of guns and armor like the guardians do in destiny. What are your thoughts on this?


Honestly Iā€™m all for a dc game like destiny but not about them makes more sense for it to be base on the justice league or the sucide squad can u imagine a game like that but where u die or fail that character is done forever and u switch to a different character that will fit the sucide squad to a tee


Thst would be pretty crazy too, like you get one chance with Batman and so on

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It would be good but hate to say it the next game will probably be another batman Arkham game

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Yea they are pretty good but batman usually comes in trilogies

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Back to the GL Corp idea, you could have perma-death and your ring goes and finds a new host (i.e. your next character).

For the grind, you could do new abilities, costumes, maybe allow color changes to other corps. Ultimately, the different weapons are just higher numbers, so maybe construct slots with different shapes and better stats.


Great idea

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