Very Interesting Shazam Theory

First thing is first, this is not my own theory! I heard it recently, but can’t seem to remember where. I want to say I heard it from comicstorian.

But what if Bruce Wayne took in Billy Batson as a Robin. He totally fits the profile, orphan kid who needs guidance. It would be very interesting to see Billy the boy take note of Batman as a mentor, but as Shazam, Billy would almost feel better than Batman. Batman trying to discipline Shazam like he was young Dick Grayson would be hilarious. The different directions it could go are endless.

What are everyone’s thoughts? Do you have any interesting theories that you think could work?


I wouldn’t say this is a theory. It’s more like an idea for a story.

That being said, I think that that idea has a lot of potential.

(Do you watch Back Issues? Because they brought up that same idea)

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You’re right… I had a brain dead moment… Idea* I do not think so, who does it?

Back Issues is a show on ComicPOP, a YouTube channel I recently discovered.

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You know I think Sal from ComicPOP was a guest on Comicstorian, which is when they talked about it… I love his videos with Benny, so I may have to give his channel a try

Yeah I think an episode of Back Issues about some Spider-Man story was on Comicstorian. I don’t think I’ve watched that one. I could be wrong, but I think they mentioned the whole Shazam as Robin thing in one of their recent videos about Shazam