I feel you should add your vertigo line in your comics and movies and tv. Especially shows like Lucifer, preacher, and I zombie


My holy Vertigo grails for this service would be Sandman, Hellblazer, and Astro City.


I’d like to see that too, but that’s likely way more complicated to do by the creator-owned nature of the books in question. The way those Vertigo books work is that while WB had rights for first dibs on adapting the books in other venues, the creators owned the rights to the characters, from what I understand. And these contracts were often written from before streaming/subscription services like DCU were ever a possibility.

So basically in order to do that, DCU would have to sit down and negotiate a contract with every creator that was involved in books like Fables and Preacher and Transmetropolitan and such to get them on the service in a way that would work for both parties.

I don’t know if it’s impossible, but it would be hella complicated, especially if some say yes and others say no.

…And I realize you were just talking about the movies and TV shows. Still, point stands on most of those as well.


I would like to see it in all mediums

I would be happy to have Sandman at the very least.

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Yes, but also I zombie

Personally I only signed up for the service to watch swampthing, which was awesome, but I was disappointed by the rest of the selection. All the digitized comics were a ray of hope, but no vertigo?! Come on. Vertigo would keep me here, but I just don’t think there’s enough otherwise…

3 of my favorites including Preacher.