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Hello everyone, I’m still new to this and just had a curious thought. I haven’t thoroughly checked but will they include any vertigo comics on here, specifically, Neil Gaiman’s sandman? I read it once when I was younger but would like to read it again. Besides that,
any sandman fans here? Love that the characters are included in dc comics universe from time to time! Also I love death’s character design.


I’m a HUGE fan of Gaiman’s Sandman! However, there are currently no plans to bring any Vertigo titles to DCU, with exceptions made for material related to our original programming.


On why Vertigo and Black Label not hete

You should put in a request in Suggestion Box forum.not here.

Explanation of why no Vertigo


Will you have Vertigo, Milestone, Black Label, and other imprints?

While we are huge fans of the various imprints across DC, we are currently not going to be featuring Vertigo titles, and most other DC imprints. You may see some representation around the edges where exceptions are made, but these will be few and far between.

More info if you REALLY want to know why

As part of the deal to.get DC Universe the 24 thousand issues in.our library

DC Comics (not DC Universe) had to placate:

which would lose a lot of sales. for these back issues
Comixology got exclusive for Vertigo
A large part of Comixology Unlimited is 'borrowing" for 'free" many Vertigo titles for the monthly fee.

Also titles like Sandman big seller for
Local Comic Book.Stores
And Book Stores

many Vertigo Titles are semi creator owned
With different rights reprint issues.

Other Titles like

Mr Miracle
Batman which Knight
Probably DCeased

Are excluded becuse they bring in a large amount of revenue in Trade Format

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That’s unfortunate but no matter. I’m still enjoying dc universe as a whole! Thanks for the reply!

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You should consider reading Swamp Thing if you haven’t already. I have not read Sandman so I can’t compare them myself, but knew a lot of people “back in the day” who enjoyed both when they were out.

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