Vertigo Comics

So obviously I know that Vertigo books aren’t allowed on here hence why we are losing the Animal Man book but what about Swamp Thing? DCU recently uploaded Bryan K. Vaughan’s Swamp Thing run, which was published through Vertigo. It even says it on the cover.

Clarification on the policy is needed please, Applejack.

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I believe they worked out a deal to keep the Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing comics to help support the shows.

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The Vertigo Doom Patrol and Swamp Thing series are here because they have in-production TV shows on the service that they can tie into.

If Animal Man was to get a series, we’d probably see the return of his Vertigo series. If Constantine was to be renewed or if an entirely new show with John came along, we might get Hellblazer here.

It’s all about the tie-in opportunities.


And both Constantine and Animal Man can show up on Swamp Thing…

I am a bit surprised as big of a thing as Constantine is in the Arrowverse and mainstream DC Comics now that those are not included. But those are the breaks I guess.

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I imagine the New 52 and DC You Constantine books, along with the rest of his Rebirth series, might pop up here next week.

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Any reason they won’t have the Vertigo stuff on here?

@BoosterBaker - DC Comics wants to keep something exclusive to their digital retail outlet (namely Comixology) and most of the Vertigo stuff doesn’t impact or influence the DCU, so it was likely chosen for that reason.
Apparently, it’s not just Vertigo, but all non-DCU imprints that are excluded. They just want DCUniverse to be ‘DC Universe’ titles.

Unfortunately, the Vertigo titles that formed Vertigo started as DCU titles, but because the earlier issues are important to the later Vertigo issues, they’ve been retroactively branded Vertigo in their trade paperbacks.

There are some titles from the Wildstorm imprint on the service (and more to come hopefully).

My guess is that since DC and Wildstorm characters have had crossovers (and that they were part of the DCU during The New 52) that that may be why they are allowed here but not Vertigo. Of course Animal Man, Doom Patrol, Hellblazer Sandman and Swamp Thing were all DC titles at one point before the Vertigo imprint existed, so…who knows?

Vertigo probably makes more scratch for DC than Wildstorm did/has/does so that’s likely another reason.