Vertigo comics are gone, but boy are the shows amazing

The official comics imprint might be gone but wow are the modern shows killing it.

Swamp Thing and Constantine in all thier creepy glory.

Doom Patrol knocked it out of the park.

Five geeat seasons of iZombie

More Lucifer on the way

And GASP…Sandman in the works.

It is a cool time to be a fan of those 90’s stories written by brilliant British wierdos.


I HOPE Sandman keeps the actors. I want Matt Ryan for the constantine guest appearance in the begining. Let Henderson Wade voice the Raven. I want Tom Ellis to play evil Lucifer. If they do “season of mists” it shos FEEL like the prequel to the Lucifer series.

And Dave McKean needs to do the title sequence.

I HOPE Netflix doesn’t screw it up.

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