Vertigo books: what calls to you?

I dip my toe into the Vertigo pool once in a while and I’m never disappointed when I do.

My overall favorite Vertigo series is Transmetropolitan. Its wonderfully creative, beautifully drawn, profane, funny, insightful and more.

With regards to current Vertigo works, I’m highly enjoying Goddess Mode. High Level debuts next week and that looks to be worth a read too.

Anywho, what’re your Vertigo favorites past and present?


I don’t think I’ve ever read a Vertigo book I didn’t like. Even when I wasn’t buying comics regularly I was still reading Sandman, Preacher and Fables.

The new Vertigo is really strong across the line. My personal favorite right now is American Carnage but I enjoy Hex Wives (I think it will read a lot better when its been collected in trade). I’m on the fence about Goddess Mode but the second issue was a big improvement on the first so I’ll keep it on my pull list for now.


Fables is great! I’ve not read the entirety of it but I have very much enjoyed what I did read of it.

I really need to buckle down and read Sandman. It’s perennially on my “Classics to Read” list but other books just take priority for a multitude of reasons.

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I read through all of Sandman every October. It’s probably my all time favorite comic run.

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Preacher for me, definitely appeals to my sense of humor. I think I need to get my hands on some Sandman though. I hate to say it but I haven’t read any of it. Sounds very interesting though and from what I’ve come across on the art, for that alone would be worth the price of admission

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Daytripper is my all-time favorite graphic novel and probably one of my favorite pieces of fiction period.

As far as long form series, The Unwritten was super great. A lot of the series that were moved under Vertigo are some of the best in the biz, i.e. Animal Man, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol.

Y the Last Man, Sandman, and Hellbrazer are on my bucket list.

There is so much great Vertigo stuff… V for Vendetta, Pride of Baghdad, WE3, Joe the Barbarian, Trillium, Punk Rock Jesus, Preacher, Fables. SO MUCH GREAT STUFF! Vertigo is the best, hands down.

I’m curious to check out Punk Rock Jesus. It’s on Comixology Unlimited ATM. Does anyone have any in-depth thoughts on that title?

Scott Snyder fan that I am, I’ve never been able to get into American Vampire. Y: The Last Man will be a definite focal point as the TV series inches ever forward to its debut.

@Vroom I really like Punk Rock Jesus. The whole religious angle is really backseat to a story about celebrity obsessed culture. It’s black and white art, so just know that going into it. But art and story are both great. I say definitely check it out while it’s on comixologyU.

Keen! I’ll take a look OMJ. Thanks for the insight.

What’s the name of Scott Snyder’s Vertigo mini? The Wake? It’s a ten issue series I think…

@Vroom yes The Wake! That’s been on my wishlist forever. I always prefer Scott Snyder in horror mode.