Vandal Savage Movie

The Rock should portray Vandal Savage.
Vandal Savage is Father of Meta Humans.
He is Earth’s immortal, immensely powerful cosmic Protector.
V.S. should be the focal point of the DCU reboot.


I didn’t know anything about him until I binged Young Justice. He was a great villain so I think having him be a threat in futures movies could be great.

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Vandal Savage would be a great villain for DCEU but I like the Rock as Black Adam. Fisher Stevens in his prime would have been great as VS. Maybe Richard Armitage would be good.

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I dunno about the casting and all, but he would definitely make a good villain for a Justice League movie, maybe co-oping with Brainiac or something.


Would rather have someone else play Vandal. But to me, the Rock needs to be Black Adam. Richard Armitage could do a good Vandal.

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