Vandal Savage and His Role in History

Okay first ignore the Vandal Savage from the Arrowverse and the one from the comics, they’re dicks. Let us focus only on the Vandal Savage as shown on Young Justice, from season one until now. And he is a very complicated guy. First off we cannot call him evil as he comes from a time that predates the concept of good and evil by at least a millennium. He comes from a time when it was survival of the fittest as the most basic level. You killed or you died.
And yet we have seen that he does what he does because he sees it as the right way to save the world. Twice now he has fought and defeated the Starro aliens to save humanity. He manipulated Clarion a Lord of Chaos, he fought Darkside and worked out a non-aggression pact to save humanity. He created Atlantis, he fathered Nabu and was progenitor to most of the Atlanteans.
Seen from up close he is a villain, but when one steps back and takes in the whole picture we see a super genius tactician with the morality of a Neanderthal. The threat is before him and he bludgeons it, the threat is larger then he can handle, so he cuts a deal. He is merciless and he is brutal. But as we have seen without him the world would have ceased to exist several times in the past. What is your opinion.

He is a villain that I will defeat.