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And I am saying if there gradually end up being after all possible/potential attempts to gradually combat Visual aging ideal forms of gradual visual aging failed and/or all possible/potential attempts achieving ideal forms of gradual visual aging progression having failed that individual/individual ended up doing to themselves just giving up entirely and having potentially mortally and lethal consequences like self done and/or assisted suicides simply because of failing in all of their attempts to combat visual aging has failed. And/or all possible/potential attempts achieving ideal forms of gradual visual aging progression having failed. I honestly don’t know if that has occurred but it still seems to me a reasonable possible unintended consequence.



Comic book

Kingdom Come

White Knight ( series )

Batman Beyond ( Old Bruce Wayne )

Green Hell ( Old John Constantine )

There are plenty versions of every character in various ages, NO the main cannon is not going to progressively age characters, because eventually they would either die of old age or have to deal with the aging process.
The biggest thing one has to remember in the Comic Book World, is, and I hate to admit this as well, IT IS ALL FANTASY!

I don’t read DC Comics because the stories are age accurate or politically correct, I read DC Comics to get out of reality, I may live to be 99, I hope not, But guess what, I will be forever young at any age I want in DC Comics through the characters I love and enjoy.

Oh and how old is Alan Scott now?

Now, in the multiverse, there is a world, for everyone, to have their cake and eat it too, so in theory, there can be one world, where everyone grows old, gets out of shape, they break a bone it takes months to heal, and it is as close to reality as you want and every character has a political agenda for doing what they do, and if that is someones cup of tea and makes them pink and giddy, have at it, not me though.

Also I would gladly pay extra to not have advertisements in comics.


In latex and or skimpy outfits? Please no. :rofl:

There are ways to have older heroes and make it work but not like this.

Also, this is another thing I wanted to mention when I saw this topic before, and since it’s been a while and it’s clearly not an issue anymore. I’ll just lay down as it is.

I feel like for me the inappropriate stuff was maybe the images you used as something like this are clearly fine.

But images like this were probably a bit much and not necessarily something you needed to get your point across.

Think it would have been the same effect if you left it out and even if you wanted to use another image you probably could have found one of Catwoman that was less gratuitous.


if you just want to see old people in tights I’m sure there is fan art for you some where most people I don’t think really want to see that though


I don’t agree with aging the current heroes just because, hey, Superman and Batman have been around since what like the 30s? It would be very cumbersome to the storylines and would suggest that eventually they’d have to be written out of canon entirely as having died of old age and a new generation would come in. It’d get convoluted and turn people away from the comics, especially newer readers who jump in and suddenly Batman’s dead and they’re reading about the exploits of his great-grandson.

I DO however think it’d be cool to have more older heroes. In DC, there’s a very large abyss between “probably just out of college or at least pre-middle age” and “old wrinkly Merlin wizards with crazy beards”. It’d be interesting to have more heroes who fall between those two.

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Aging the mainline heroes (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, etc.) Will unlikely happen with the exceptions of out of continuity stories like Black Label or if the present day version of the hero time travels to the future for a short term storyline. Both Marvel and DC work with a sliding timescale approach where they can move when certain events or storylines happen to fit with the current era people are reading. Plus for DC, I think there was a one shot called Generations or something like that where Booster Gold let it slip that characters and heroes like Batman have extended lifespans and age MUCH slower because of special cosmic/scientific/magic mumbo jumbo.

But I would like to see more characters outside the normal age range be more active. We get a little bit of thag whenever characters like Wildcat show up, but maybe we can create some new characters.

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There’s definitely some middle aged representation in classic Justice Society, but they don’t get much airtime compared to their “younger” selves in other worlds. like mid-aged Jay Garrick isn’t seen much nowadays but most people could point out a Barry Allen or Wally West Flash. JSA has some good rep at times though. I remember reading a story in one of the older classics about Wildcat dealing with growing older, having issues keeping up with younger criminals. He was pretty depressed about it until one of his buds (maybe Spectre, can’t remember?) helped him find a way to continue helping society even later in life.

The women are another story, they still all look like they’re fresh out of college.


we are well past the point where that is too vague. Does classic mean 1940s or 2000s?

Well they are younger than that. Stargirl is not in college yet, Liberty Belle is probably that age, Power Girl should be around 30, and the others are in college.

Ma Hunkle is not in the picture, but she looks to be in her 60s. Hippolyta is not in the picture, and she looks to be in her 50s.


Really both 1940s and 2000s shows a few of them as fairly middle-aged, at least Hawkman and Alan Scott seem like they’re rockin the late 30s in the 1940s JSA. 2000s more so though, definitely a wider representation, makes me sad that it never got as popular as the JLA.

The Wildcat story I mentioned was I THINK in a 1940s-50s issue? But I’m not 100% sure.