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My most recent post thread got removed due to being considered Pregorative and inappropriate however all I was trying to point out was the following: But I was simply trying to point out that in a way DC comics and Marvel comics and others historically with characters such as Wonder Women and Black Widow with Eternal Youth and Slowed aging Super powers the prior even more so than the latter is actually Ageism and at times sexism even Pregorative inappropriate in itself joint prejudice against female gender individuals and characters especially if you had any potential readers of the Pro-ageism movement mindset.

Please reconsider the removal because if youthful appearances and young characters and youthful appearances but older characters characters are to be shown in more revealing skin outward appearances (Skimpy) fashions characters such as


among so many other examples.

It would also only be fare in terms of true inclusivity to include doing the same with older versions of the same characters who aren’t neccessarily Eternal Youth and Slowed aging related youthful appearances and young characters and youthful appearances but older characters characters. So if you are not to do that then just the same again to be fair it would be if covering up the skin ie removing the skimpy fashions of older versions of characters than the same should be constantly done to the younger versions of characters.

Which is making me wonder if in fact is DC comics being character visual Ageism (basically prejudice towards characters with obvious fully all over their individual bodies obviously with signs of gradual aging outward appearances and not solely with particular facial features and the hair although unless DC comics have characters being obviously having used anti-aging beauty regimen products and even anti-aging cosmetic surgery work done mixed in still ageism mixed in).


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Thanks I tried paragraphing that first comment of mine however I am honestly not sure if I grammar wise did it correctly.


Unfortunately, DC characters are intellectual property so it is difficult for them to grow or age. Batman and Superman have to be eternally 28 years old. Luckily we have stories like The Dark Knight Returns and the Earth-2 Batman and Superman that have aged,

I also liked Mike Grell’s Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters. He showed Ollie aging in real time.

The present: Ollie’s hair line is receding just a little.

The Past: Ollie’s hair is thicker and longer.

The next pages are from throughout the series where Ollie contemplates growing older with Dinah.

And he feels his age catching up with him.

It continues in the continuing series as he continues to age in real time. The is the exception not the rule.


It is much more readable now.




It simply seems that even as intellectual property it should still be heavily considered for something for incorporation in order to be truely fully inclusive rather than various amounts of semi inclusivity as it technically should be considered.


its comics a world where the story never ends and so the people in them can never really get older but they have been talking about batmans age a lot in the comics of late and its
not the only time in the 70s he was told he was to old to do his job anymore and to go set in his rocker old man it was the mayor that said it so though he may not show it that much he is older then he use to be


Basically, your looking for either not so much sexualization or giving the same kind of focus on older female characters, correct?

I can get on board with either one. This does seem to be an issue that goes beyond DC and comics, plaguing the entertainment industry as a whole. But comics do get pointed out a lot because of the sometimes unnatural positions or actions they force the characters into to make them look “more appealing” to keep it PG