Valentine's Day

It Valentine’s Day everyone now I put on the list of couple who be there Valentine’s. if another couple I didn’t put tell me( New and Prime Earth mainstream only).

1.Monsieur Mallah and Brain
2. Swamp Thing and Abby
3.KIller Croc and Enchantress
4.Wally west and Linda park
5.Donna troy and Roy harper
6.Batman and Catwomn
7.Green Arrow and Black Canary
8.Aquaman and Mera
9. Superman and Lois
10. Nightwing and Starfire
11.Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

That covers everyone, but It should be Nightwing and Babs


Barry Allen and Iris West

Hawkpeople Katar and Shayera

Midnighter and Apollo

Kate Kane and Maggie Sawyer