Valentine's Day DC Style

Valentine’s Day is coming, so I thought it would be a fun brain exercise to consider this: Suppose you got to date any character from the DC Universe. Who would it be, what would you do, and what songs would you dance to?


No time for dating. I have to face R’as Al Ghul.


Dance with Stargirl to “I Cross My Heart” By George Strait.:slightly_smiling_face: :stargirl:


I could make a post… but we all know the answer to this one…


Super boy Prime?


How about America the Beautiful?


To be honest, I think maybe Cassandra Cain. I recently read Detective Comics by James Tynion IV and totally get her. I feel like she could use a little happiness in her life with all her emotions bottled up and no way to express herself. I would take her to the ballet and a night on the town, something quite and nice. I would dance to the Grateful Dead’s Looks Like Rain and some John Lennon songs. It would be nice I think.


:tada: A DC Valentine’s Dance Party sounds super fun in general @patterson65.37405 - the dance floor lined with all of the Rogue’s Gallery, Batfamily, Green Lanterns, Wonder Woman, Superman, and more!

Honestly, if I could have a Valentine’s date with anyone in the DCU, it would be…


… a nice, private, romantic dinner with Bruce. Get into some nighttime action with Batman. And finish out the evening back at Wayne Manor with music and little scene like Dick & Kory’s in Titans S1 E5. :wink:


I’d go with Jessica Cruz. She’d have a ton of interesting stories about space and aliens, but would also be down to earth and relatable, I think, given her anxiety struggles. Plus she could basically create the entire dance floor and a construct band so we could dance on top of a volcano or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey @Green.Lantern have you ever seen my Minecraft art of Jessica Cruz? If not, here it is.:grinning:

:00_lc_green_lantern: :0_lc_green_lantern_jessica_cruz1:


I am always very impressed by your Minecraft art. :slight_smile:



Play guess that soul on a OUJIA board
and dance tooooooooo


Thankyou so much!:grinning:


Hey, awesome replies thus far! I hope we’ll hear from Lady Applejack about this. I’ll bet she’d have something interesting to say.


As to my choice, it would have to be Rita Farr from Doom Patrol (especially as played by April Bowlby). We’d go to a nightclub, much like she went to when she was an actress. Then, when we danced, or if I made a playlist for her, here’s what could put us in the mood:

PERCY FAITH - Poinciana - YouTube

You’re the One - YouTube

Could It Be I’m Falling in Love (Remastered) - YouTube

I Only Want To Be With You - YouTube


Bobby Darin - Beyond the sea - YouTube

The Ronettes - Walking In The Rain (Official Audio) - YouTube

1959 HITS ARCHIVE: The Angels Listened In - Crests - YouTube

“To Be Loved” Jackie Wilson - YouTube

I’m such a sap! :laughing:


I would love to spend valentines day with Starfire!

Listen to a bunch of cheesy 80s pop, go to a fair and eat cotton candy, take pictures in a photo booth and drive up to an isolated spot to cuddle and look at the stars!

Sounds fun in general, but i feel like Kori would appreciate even more as a fancy “earth custom” she’s not familiar with…plus i bet she’s really warm and my hands are always cold so thats a bonus :cold_face:


She’s quickly becoming a favorite character of mine, Sojourner “Jo” Mullein.

What would you do?

Since she’ll be appearing in the upcoming GREEN LANTERN series.

An imaginary Valentine Day between John Stewart and Jo Mullein, because Geoffrey Thorne will make them a couple (guessing, of course; and he probably won’t – she’s bi-sexual, but he still probably won’t make them a couple).

Anyway, I enjoy Masa at the Time Warner Center in New York, and I understand that “the massive interstellar metropolis known as the City Enduring” has a Masa. (Just go with it… )

So Japanese it is then… and Seared Beef Tataki with Black Truffle, perhaps.

What songs would you dance to?

Since “Jo” Mullein’s look is inspired by Janelle Monáe, then Janelle Monáe’s “I like That.”

And performed by the @AT; the cybernetic species of A.I.s from FAR SECTOR; and they’re also the evening’s entertainment.

Like that…

EDIT: And oh… speaking of John Stewart:

And another song, since at the time of this edit we’re on the eve of my most anticipated movie of the year, Judas and the Black Messiah debuting on HBO Max.

This song was one is one of the 30-second promos for the film – “Strange” by Celeste.

It feels kind of fitting for those two, to me.


@patterson65.37405 , I bet Rita Farr would love the soundtrack you’ve built!

@Isaac.Lawrence, the moment I saw Sojourner Mullein I thought “she must be played by Janelle Monáe in the live-action version!”

I think Constantine would be my choice. I feel like he’d know how to dance at punk shows, and create the perfect “anti-Valentine” vibe. The Cramps, or other psycho/surf tunes come to mind:




Wonder Woman and I on Paradise Island practicing lasso techniques on our Kangas, taking a long run on the beach in full battle gear, some light sparring, then studying Amazonian literature in the library, followed by an evening around the fire telling tales of Heroes and Gods.

We would then dance wildly to the theme song of the Wonder Woman tv show, even though she rolls her eyes at it.

A perfect day in all ways (at least until my wife finds out about it. Yikes!).