Valentines day Day 3 Swamp Thing and Abby

Their relationship gradually deteriorates due to Matt’s abusiveness and subsequent descent into a coma, Abby finds solace, comfort and love in Swamp Thing, a prospect that takes them both by surprise. After realising her feelings for Swamp Thing, Abby comes to him in the swamp (naturally) to lay her cards on the table. While Swamp Thing is initially hesitant to admit it, he confesses that he also feels a romantic attraction to her. But he also voices his concern about the fact his being, you know, a literal thing of the swamp meaning that the two of them could never be physically intimate with one another in the way that they both deeply desire.

While Swamp Thing assumes that Abby couldn’t possibly be anything but repulsed by him, she proves him wrong with a passionate kiss.

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Yes, This is the best relationship in the DC Universe. the dynamic between Abby and Swamp Thing is beautiful and is a sort of “mending of souls”. They love each other each other even though they are completely incompatable with each other. It also feels very real,even though it is fictional, to relationships that take place today and is very heartwarming to see love bloom. Its a quite, but beautiful relationship that holds the honor as the best relationship and the best single issue of a series I have ever read, in my opinion.

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I’m in the pool for a ton of relationships. This one is definitely towards the top. I love when they travel to Gotham & get legally married to squash all the hatred from people towards their relationship. It has real life tones of objections to marriage between 2 partners who are truly in love.