V for Vendetta Appreciation

In my opinion V for Vendetta is one of the best movies made under the DC belt. Share your thoughts on it


It is a great movie. The way V rolls out the awesome alliteration is always an amazing article of awe. There’s also a great assemblage of British acting talent throughout the movie. I love that John Hurt is in the cinematic DC stable.

Fun Fact: Certain scenes within the film feature James Purefoy as V, who was originally cast in the role but replaced by Hugo Weaving four weeks into filming. Weaving’s voice was simply dubbed over Purefoy’s performance in post-production. Director James McTeigue said in an interview: “Can I tell the difference? Yeah. Can the audience tell? I doubt it.”


The movie is fantastic, but let’s talk about the comic. Alan Moore and David Llyod nailed that book. One of my prize possessions back in my mother’s house is a sketch Llyod did for me at a Con back home of V.