Using Existing Fictional Worlds When Writing

While writing using a modern setting in a world is the easiest setting for beginning writers , using a fictional world that already exists gives your work uniqueness, supplies you with a ready made world with existing structure and motifs and an large existing fan base.

For example, there was a recent series where Wonder Woman met Conan the Barbarian, in an ancient world setting.

This Thread uses the works of H P Lovecraft as an example.

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One technique that writers use is to use an existing characters, who is considered evil, and turn the character into a sympathetic yet complex character.

One example is Morgan le Fay, in the Mists of Avalon, set in the time of King Arthur.

Or the character could be original like The Litany of Earth, using the world of Lovecraft. The short novella is free at

A non review of this work, by a college professor I wish I had , is found at

If you want to know about The works of Lovecraft:

Start with reading the Intro article.

If you want to read the animated version of Teen Titans in the world of Lovecraft. Read

This is a very dark tale. Every Titan is changed by their encounter with this ancient evil, and not in a good way.

Some don’t back at all.

Some don’t make it back at all

Thanks fun to see two of my favorite worlds mixed together like that… a mashup as the kids say…

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Thank you for that, @TurokSonOfStone1950; I spend too much time on that FF site as it is, so that’s right up my alley. Will check that out tonight. Crossovers/mashups are such a great escape, and I’m always amazed by how talented people are in taking well-known characters with their well-established backgrounds and experiences, and having them so authentically address a new world and set of circumstances like that. The presence of Lovecraft makes it all the better.

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