Urine Trouble

I’ve been noticing a theme in recent DC films, and I was wondering if it was something we might come to better understand together. Because personally, I am mystified.

Exhibit A, Batman v. Superman: “Granny’s Peach Tea.”

Exhibit B, Aquaman: “Show-off. You could have just pissed on it.”

Exhibit C, Shazam!: “Did you know that Roman soldiers brushed their teeth with their own urine?”

The pattern is clear, and yet inscrutable in its nature. Why exactly are the filmmakers of the DCEU so fixated on pee jokes? Why are they featured in 3 of the last 5 DC movies? Is it secretly building to something? Is there some kind of deep DC pee lore that’s utterly lost to me? Or does everyone just really think pee is that funny? And why do I need to go to the bathroom so bad right now?

Please, discuss. I need to know why this is happening.


Compared to what it could be, I’m glad they’re just doing pee jokes.


I should have respected the Spoiler tag. :disappointed:

Still better than Jar-Jar. He stepped in crap. Oh, I’m sorry “icky, icky goo!”


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Pee jokes are the the new fart jokes, haven’t you heard bro!

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@HubCityQuestion Haven’t you heard? The DCEU will be crossing with the View Askewniverse in Justice League 2, featuring the Golgothan’s brother, Pisseus.

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You better watch out, calling anything in BvS a joke! That was just a gritty, grounded acknowledgement that the REAL WORLD isn’t all daisy farts and kitten giggles! There’s pee! Dark, threatening, intense pee!


Perhaps oddly, I’m the one going to give a serious answer. It’s because people often try to act more adult by behaving in a juvenile fashion. For filmmakers, that leads to urine jokes, whether they or trying to make things seem adult, or trying to make fun of the use of juvenile things as being adult.

Side note: Shazam! may be different-- I haven’t seen it yet-- most of the characters ARE juveniles.

And, Captain Marvel did spend his early days in a publication called WHIZ COMICS–

OK, lost that serious vibe.

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Urine? Nuh uh, ur OUT!

See, it’s a play…on…the…thing and the deal :slight_smile:

I don’t remember Man of Steel, Suicide Squad or Wonder Woman having a tinkle of a urine reference. Did they, and it just hasn’t been mentioned here?

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