UPDATED: A Map of DC's Earth!

I noticed your DCU Earth geography map was spotlighted under “Suggested Topics” so I thought I’d check in and see what new items might’ve added. @ThatsAStepLadder.60735 seems to have found more than a few new additions for you. Somebody’s sure paying attention out there. I also noticed that you have Themyscira (or Paradise Island) listed, as I expected.

That in turn got me thinking about a couple of other islands of prominence you might want to include in your next update. Blackhawk and Dinosaur Island. I think they’ve each seen enough action over the years to qualify, don’t you?

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For sure! It just all depends on whether or not I can figure out where they are with any degree of precision :sweat_smile:


Good luck with that! Blackhawk Island may be easier to I.D.than the other. Which is usually just said to be “somewhere, in a remote, uncharted area of the South Pacific.” Hey, maybe Q can help!

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Oddly, I managed to get near-exact coordinates for Blackhawk Island, and could figure out the location of the nearby Ormolu Island as well! The other nearby island - Olahu Island, home to an Air Force base - is said to be a half-hour’s flight away, but doesn’t denote a direction, so the best I can do there is a radius, which isn’t good enough for my standards :sweat_smile:

You’re absolutely right about Dinosaur Island, though. “South Pacific” is about as specific as anyone’s ever gotten as far as I can tell. I added it anyway, using my usual system for denoting locations that aren’t terribly specific, but hey, yeah, if @HubCityQuestion or anyone else for that matter knows anything I don’t that could narrow it down at all, I’d really appreciate it!

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Are you counting movies? Wonder Woman should be in France if so

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How about Kooey Kooey Kooey?

I’m only dealing with the comics. Adaptations follow their own rules and geography that contradict the source material too much to get a solid conclusion out of it. That’s why places like Freeland and Jump City aren’t included.


I looked into that one yesterday, actually! That’s another island that’s seriously light on geographic info. All we know is that it’s somewhere in the South Pacific, just like Dinosaur Island. The most specific we’ve gotten anywhere is, weirdly enough, the Arrowverse, which places it’s Kooey Kooey Island in the South China Sea (alongside another location named simply, Kooey Kooey? Unless that’s supposed to be Kooey Kooey Kooey Kooey Island?) Either way, the Arrowverse also put Gotham City up by the Great Lakes, so as I told diMaha, not really relevant to the geography of the comics.

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For my sake and the sake of transparency, I’m gonna address these one by one:

Monument Point is located within commuting distance of DC, which a little subjective research seems to pin to about 15 miles outside the city max. That gets us a radius, but a radius that stretches across two states, which means even my last ditch solution of pinning the location to the state and marking it as “Location Unclear” wouldn’t be applicable. If I could get a state or even a cardinal direction, some inferences could be made, but as it stands, it’s just barely too broad. Monument Point is located in Virginia in Arrow, which would normally be completely irrelevant, but considering that Marc Guggenheim was showrunner on Arrow, I’m tempted to make an exception for it. But, if anyone tried to fact check me on comics alone, they wouldn’t reach the same conclusion, so I’m going to pass on Monument Point for now.

Challengerville is an interesting one! Apparently there is an actual small town in Colorado named Hadley, which settles the location pretty firmly I’d suppose :sweat_smile: Now, the question is: does that make Challengerville a fictional location? For the time being, I’ll say sure, why not!

Markovia has actually been placed in several locations, all somewhat near to each other, but not near enough. Its first appearance in Batman and the Outsiders #1 places it in the southeastern portion of real-world Belgium. The Atlas of the DC Universe has it eating up the southern point of real-world Switzerland. Secret Files & Origins 2000 places it on the lower end of the Austria-Hungary border. Since there isn’t a more widely used option (even in other media, the proper location seems to be all over the place) we’ll go with the most recent information and place it in between Austria and Hungary.

I haven’t been able to find any source but for the Arrowverse that places Gorilla City in the Congo. I also can’t find any source pinning it anywhere else, so I think I’ll refrain from adding it until I can find a solid source. If anyone has one, please let me know!

Qurac provided me the very special opportunity to put my new Who’s Who omnibus to work, so thanks for that! A map from the fourth issue of the '87 updates depicts Qurac stretching along the Persian Gulf, just as you described! But, since it’s such a big and oddly shaped country, I opted to use MapHub’s polygon tool to make a general sketch of the shape rather than using a single pin. I might try to do this for other countries later, since that could be a bit more useful than the pins alone.

MapHub weirdly doesn’t account for Antarctica, but even so, Antarctica is way too general for my tastes. (I even went looking for reference images to see if there were any landmarks I could work from…in Antarctica :sweat_smile:)

Belle Reve raised a question - do remote locations deserve markers alongside cities and countries? I’m thinking in rare circumstances for the very iconic ones - Belle Reve, the Hall of Doom, the Fortress of Solitude, etc. - I’ll include them when there are details enough to pinpoint there location. That being said, for Belle Reve, I didn’t have to! Belle Reve is located in Terrebone Parish, Louisiana, so that’s what you’ll find when you look on the map!

Again, thanks so much for the suggestions and the info - it’s the number one motivation I have to update this thing! If anything else springs to mind, don’t hesitate to come back!


Huh, curious placement for Themyscira. Given how randomly that things bounced around (Originally in the middle of the Atlantic, at one point within eyesight of New York City, existed in alternate universes and in outer space)
Makes as much sense for a location as anywhere else though~

Any plans to include the country of Guanaray and the Amazon city of Akahim?

That one comes courtesy of @HubCityQuestion! When a location moves around that much, I try to prioritize the most consistent placement, or in the event that no one placement is more prevalent than any other, the most recent or most specific. The one exception might be Star City, which is usually in northern California, but it’s recently been established as being another name for Seattle in-universe, and my personal preference leans that way. It is, again, more specific!

I’ve actually never heard of either of those! A quick Google is pulling up little to nothing on Guanaray, but Akahim is an easy one to pin - and another reminder that I really need to read more of the new Wonder Girl! :sweat_smile:


Im not sure if there even is a most consistent placement for Themyscira to be honest. XD
Golden age had it somewhere smack dab in the middle of the Atlantic
Silver age somehow had it sitting in the Pacific ocean
Mod Era stuck it in another dimension
Bronze age stuck it in the Bermuda Triangle to match the tv show
Perez’s post crisis run had it simulatiously off the coast of Greece and the coast of the United States at the same time.
Loebs run stuck it in hell.
Byrnes run established the island has teleport powers and can freely be moved anywhere by the will of the Amazons.
Jiminez and the rest of post crisis had the island super duper close to the United States coast line (some artists having it within eye sight of New York.
Rebirth stuck it back in another dimension.

And currently its not in another dimension but nobody has bothered trying to pin down an exact location for the island.

Guanaray was a country in the Wonder Woman tv show and its tie in comic. Mentioned to be in central America somewhere or other.
Because I want to see someone try the herculean task of making all the random fictional countries work on a map. XD


Ah, that explains it! I’m not covering places from other media with this map. Different continuities come with their own geography that just doesn’t gel with the prime continuity of the comics.