Update To Batgirl's, Nightwing's, and Robin's costumes

I was reading some Pre-Crisis Batman comics, when I came across some concerning Earth 2’s Batman and Robin (the originals). I saw the adult Robin’s costume, and I liked the design for his mask. It made more sense than the traditional domino mask, due to it protecting more of his head. And I’m not a fan of the current look for Batgirl. Her costume is highly impractical for crime fighting, though I do like how she’s been de-sexualized. If you review the comics prior to the Burnside story arc, her costume looked more like body paint. The purple costume, as hideous as it is, looks like clothing with body armor. So I’m asking artists if they could try to draw up these design ideas I have for the Bat-family.

Nightwing - His mask should resemble a combination of Earth 2 adult Robin’s, and his current Nightwing domino mask. It should be black in color.

Robin - For Dick Grayson’s costume, it should resemble Damien’s current costume. Except his sleeves and pants should be green. Grayson should also have black combat boots, similar to Batman’s. He should also have black gauntlets similar to Batman’s, but with a red ribbing pattern on the back of the gloves that begins at the knuckles, and narrows as it makes its way to the cuff. His Robin mask should be a green version of the one I described for the Nightwing mask. His cape should be the exact same as Damien’s.
For Damien, his costume should remain the same, but with a black version of Grayson’s mask.

Batgirl - Her costume design should remain similar to her Burnside look. The buttons on her tunic should go away. Instead of a purple costume, it should be black. Her gauntlets should resemble Batman’s, but with a yellow ribbing pattern, beginning at her knuckles, and narrows down to the cuff, which is also yellow. The ribbing pattern of the gloves is an extra layer of kevlar. Her cape should go down to her ankles. The cape is black on the outside, purple on the inside. Her combat boots are black, but with a yellow tongue, and yellow cuffs. Her cowl should have the same eye-holes as the rest of the Bat-family’s masks. Her current mask reveals too much of her face, so have the same white eyes as Batman’s mask, is more practical. It would give her night-vision capabilities, protect her from flash bangs, and have access to her Oracle computer. Her bat emblem should be yellow.
I feel like this would be combination of the costume she had prior to Burnside, and the one after, in terms of color and design, while adding a new look for her cowl. I seriously doubt she’s stupid enough to not use the same body armor that Bruce Wayne uses, which is the impression I get whenever I see the Burnside costume. It looks like terrible cosplay, and she would stick out more than Robin does at night.


I disagree Damian looks great with his outfit

Batgirl outfit is way to sexualized

And for nightwing I think his new costume when he gets his memories back should be just be the Arkham knight outfit

The first time what became the Earth-2 Robin’s second costume appeared was in Justice League of America (first series) #92-- and it’s actually worn by the regular continuity Dick Grayson, though designed by the Earth-2 version. Unfortunately, the next time the now Teen Wonder appeared, he was right back to forgetting to wear pants while fighting crime at Hudson U. Maybe somebody decided not to confuse readers, or lose potential licencing revenues. Earth-2 Robin would then wear the costume from All-Star Comics #58 straight up through Crisis on Infinite Earths #12. That uniform also appears in Batman #300-- an alt-history story-- a lot lighter in tone than the Dark Knight Returns,