Update Regarding Fandome 2022

Hey DC Fam,

I just wanted to give a heads up to everyone here that DC Fandome will unfortunately not be happening this year. I’ll be sure to let everyone know if/when there is news regarding other comics events in 2022, but just wanted to make sure the community was aware of this Fandome update.

Read all the details here: It's official: DC FanDome 2022 is not happening | Popverse

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Do you know what the fate of FanDome Fridays might be? Last year, we were getting special bonus comic additions to DCUI every Friday during FanDome season, and I was looking forward to its return. Do you know if that at least will be back, perhaps branded as something else?


I haven’t been briefed on Fandom Fridays, but I’ll ask around and see what we might be able to do!


Well, it sure was fun while it lasted. Thankyou DC Comics and everyone that worked behind the scene for making a great and fun event during one of the most terrible time in our history.



Sad news as I really enjoyed Fandome. It was nice to see movies, shows and comics discussed with such enthusiasm.

And it was the rare instance where fans who wanted to see the Snyder Cut were shown to be normal people who gave their support (some donating to charities), rather than the stigma you see on other sites.

Hopefully one day it can return once everything is sorted out. If not, we got two amazing Fandomes, and I’m grateful to have seen them.


I understand the decision as many things ard back to in person and live. Schools are firmly back in person. Companies are struggling to get their workers back in their offices. Comic cons are back in full swing. Artists are either on or announcing full-on tours. (I attended a sold out concert a few weeks ago with 12,500 fans.)

Thank you to everyone at DC for two amazing years of Fandome. It was something I looked forward to. It’s time to move on from a world of lockdowns and virtual events to a world of free open travelling and live events.

If they want to bring Fandome back once in a while for like watchparties or premieres, or worldwide virtual gatherings, I’ll be down.


This is unfortunate but understandable news. I really enjoyed Fandome the last two years and I was hoping it could become an every year thing. I guess with everything opening back up it makes more sense to do these type of announcements in person at cons.

Though, I do hope DC doesn’t forget about the people that can’t always travel to cons and maybe thinks of smaller and similar idea to Fandome for us so that we can join in on the fun too. :slight_smile:

But thank you sharing the update!


:point_up_2:t3: THIS!!!:point_up_2:t3:


I didn’t like the format, but I appreciated it for what it was.

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It was a lot of fun. 2020 was a hard year for me (as it was for most) so it was so nice to share that experience with millions of DC fans wordwide, Fandome… DC Universe was still up and running… good times. It’s a shame we won’t get it this year (and I suspect ever again sadly) but given it was created due to comic cons shutting down I suspected it was not going to be a long running thing. I was actually surprised we got it last year, pleasantly surprised but surprised. I have little doubt WBD just did this as another way to save money despite what the press releases try to spin. But I also don’t think it would have continued much longer even if Discovery hadn’t bought it.

But for 2 years we had a fun time, and much like I have been reminded as a DC fan many times these last few months, I am reminded of the old saying “don’t cry because something is over. Smile because it happened.”


In the same way that the Walt Disney company does there event and Paramount has had Star War days, I feel it’s a mistake for the DISCO leadership to be nickle and dime-ing some of this stuff. Especially when they spent $200M just on marketing for House of the Dragon. And even more so, the salaries of some of the Discovery C-Suite people.

I also agree with the other two poster - I’m lucky to have been to some con type stuff in person, plus we have an excess of LCS here, and it’s not hard to buy books and toys in person versus on line, and I actually live not far from Burbank HQ and have even seen some DC film premieres in person and seen WB films on the lot during awards seasons. But not every DC or even WB fan has that.

And I do agree that I might have done some things different that the first or second FanDomes but I do wish that they would do something global like that in the future and agree with all here and those on-line (social, etc.) who feel this was the wrong decision.


I was just thinking that I might have missed an announcement for Fandome. Sadly, I did miss an announcement but not what I was expecting. I saw numbers where the numbers jumped from 20 million people to 60 million people viewing Fandome from 2020 to 2021. In fact, I remember DC Community crashing last year during Fandome. Sure, live events are full swing but those are very exclusive to those able to be in attendance as opposed to a world wide audience. I hope next year it will return. I personally enjoyed Fandome weekend. It was great getting a spotlight on Milestone, movies, new comics, shows, and video games.

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