UPDATE! 🏬 Put Your Favorite Local Comic Shop On the Map! 🏬

Name: Comic Book University
Where: 7623 Shelby St, Indianapolis, IN 46227
Why I love it. The staff and the owner are awesome people that love comics as much as I do. They will do everything they can to get the books you want in your hands and you won’t ever feel ripped off.


I’ve added your shop to the map @jsmsiggy! Thanks for sharing your go-to place with us. I love that if they don’t have a comic you need, they will try to get it in for you. That’s so awesome!


That’s E is fantastic! You honestly can’t stress enough how much of a selection they’ve got there. And not just comics! Lots of collectibles, and a buddy I know also likes to go there for sports memorabilia.


Name: Bedrock Comics
Address: 371 Worcester Rd, Framingham MA
Why I like it: Great selection of comics, friendly staff, low prices, plus they’ll collect whole story arcs and sell em as a pack, which is nice when the books you’re looking for aren’t available in trade.

Just for the sake of fun (and supporting your local comic shops :wink:), I’ll plug one more of the stores in my area which I deeply miss going to.

Name: Hall of Comics
Address: 3 Turnpike Rd, Southborough MA
Why I like it: Large selection of TPB’s, plus they’ve got a nice TV in there where they put on all kinds of comic movies/shows (Every other LCS I’ve been to has played nothing but classic rock in the background, so idk how common the TV is​:joy::joy:). Plus they do a lot of activities and stuff for kids, which is always great.


Name: Androids Amazing Comics

Address: 61 Railroad Avenue, Sayville NY, 11782

Why I love it: Although they’re not the biggest store in the world, they have all the best stuff and the staff are super friendly. I’ve been going to them since I was a little kid and I’m still going today.


Hey @Batman0803 - I’ve added Bedrock Comics to the map, that’s awesome they sell whole story arcs! I love any shop that includes things for all ages, so activities for kids is a great thing. Thanks for sharing!

@joelc73.5776 - I’ve added Androids Amazing Comics to the map too! This just goes to show a shop doesn’t have to be the biggest to be the best right?! I appreciate you sharing your favorite shop with us. Thank you!


Thanks so much, @Barrys.Better.Half. I really appreciate it


We’ve begun compiling stores around the country that are offering curbside pick up and delivery! These stores are noted by a bright orange car :red_car: on the map. If your local store is offering these services, please comment down below and we’ll be happy to add them!


901 comics is offering curbside, delivery, and has FB live videos to showcase stock.


Hey @WonderWoman_85, I’ve added 901 Comics to the map under the curbside pickup and delivery tab. Thanks for sharing this location with us!


Name: The Secret Lair
Location: 498 University Blvd. Harrisonburg, VA 22801
Why I love them: The staff is very friendly and will always help you get the book you desire. One of the employees literally gave me their own issue of Detective 1000 because they knew it was the cover I wanted.


Hey @DarkKnight3385! I’ve added The Secret Lair to the map. I took a look at their website and really loved what I saw. I even took a tour of the store (YouTube)! That’s so awesome that an employee gave you their own copy of a comic that you wanted, they must have some pretty amazing people working there.

Thanks so much for sharing your go-to shop with us!


I’d like to add that 901 comics not only delivers, but they do it with flair.


Store: Challengers Comics and Conversation

Location: 1845 N Western Ave, Chicago, 60647

Currently offering pickup and delivery


Store: Ground Zero Comics
Location: 2744 E 5th St, Tyler, TX 75701
Why You Love It: I love this place because they have always had a tremendous selection of comics and merchandise. They are all so friendly and helpful. I could stay in this place for hours and hours at a time. Really great store.


@kowality I’ve added your shop to the list, thanks for sharing with us! I’ve never been to Chicago but if I ever visit, I’ll know where to go!

@bigblock66 I’ve added your shop to the list too! I’ve taken a look and it looks like an awesome selection. I can definitely see how easy it would be to spend hours there.

@WonderWoman_85 That picture is amazing! LOL


Name : Second Chance Books and Comics
Address : 3909 North MacArthur, Warr Acres, OK 73122
Why you love it : I love this place, always a great selection to choose from. A great place to talk nerdy!

I am probably biased because I worked there for years. But they are a great store for not just lovers of comics but lovers of reading in general. With a huge selection and friendly staff who loves what they do. Have been in that location for about 10 years now (they were in another location a decade earlier but were just a used book store then), and when you walk inside and see the place packed with books and comics you will know why.


I’ve added your shop to the list @DanTheManOne1! I think it’s awesome that you worked there. That means you have knowledge from behind the scenes and if you still recommend it, they must be doing great things! Thanks so much for sharing!


Who here is looking to going back to our local comic shops in the coming weeks