Update on the Summer of Events Book Club

Hey Everyone, Thanks for coming and supporting the club, I’ve had a blast, and I can’t wait to keep it up. However, the number of series per week that fit into the Summer Of Events is increasing with some tie ins so I wanted to give an update on my plans.

  1. Summer Of Events: Extra Credit

This will be a new sister series which looks at tie-ins and the smaller series. When Titans reboots, it will go in here. Next week, Extra Credit will include

Green Arrow Annual #2 - Justice League: No Justice Tie-in (Between #3-4)
Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin Vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #1- A Batman Wedding Tie-in (This one-shot series has no right to be as good as it is but it’s fantastic!!)

  1. Reading Schedule

Due to the segmented nature of the book club, I’ve decided to create a reading schedule where you can only read what you want to read. If you are reading Man of Steel, but are behind on Justice League: No Justice, look at the reading schedule and see when we are talking about the title.

This Week: Predictions (Sunday-Monday)
Man of Steel #1 (Tuesday - Thursday)
Justice League: No Justice #4 (Friday -Monday) //end of series!

Extra Credit: Predictions (Sunday - Monday)
Green Arrow Annual #2 (Tuesday-Thursday)
Batman Prelude to the Wedding: Robin Vs. Ra’s Al Ghul #1 (Friday - Monday)

Reading Schedules work really well with event tie-ins. Green Arrow is before Justice League: No Justice #4 !!

  1. The Post will go up on Sunday’s.
    That way predictions have a 2 day window and you guys can view the reading schedule. However, discussion doesn’t end for the past week until the day after the next post goes up!!

Thanks Everyone for Sticking in!! (FYI The Prediction Period take things from the actual issue and give you the chance to guess first. Sometimes it will be big picture things, other times it will be minor things. Just for fun!!

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Excited for No Justice and Man of Steel!

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